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Ice storm warning for York Region #BePrepared

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Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for York Region. Rain and freezing rain is expected to start in York Region Saturday, January 11, likely impacting travel and possibly resulting in localized flooding and power outages.

The Regional Municipality of York is prepared for this severe weather and ready to tackle snow and ice on Regional roads. Follow #OnYRRoads for updates.

Residents are reminded to stay safe by limiting unnecessary travel and being prepared for possible localized flooding and power outages.

Follow these winter storm tips, and be prepared for an icy blast of winter weather:

Motorist Safety

  • If you are driving, drive according to conditions and give yourself extra time to get to your destination
  • Have winter tires on your vehicle
  • Clear snow, ice and frost from all windows, headlights, tail lights and roof
  • Make sure your windshield fluid and vehicle fuel is topped up
  • Carry a roadside emergency kit
  • Let us do the driving by taking YRT
  • Follow York Region on Twitter for road updates
  • Slow down and respect pedestrians crossing the road

Pedestrian Safety

  • Watch out for ice – if you must walk on ice, slow down and take tiny steps
  • Do not wear earphones or text while walking Pledge to Ignore
  • Obey stop signs and traffic signals when crossing an intersection; make eye contact with drivers before  crossing the street
  • Dress to be seen; wear bright, reflective clothing in order to be better visible to drivers

Prepare for a Power Outage

  • Have emergency light sources, such as flashlights and glow sticks accessible in various areas of your home or business
  • Have at least one corded telephone in your house to use if the power goes out
  • Have at least one vehicle with no less than a half a tank of fuel

Stay safe during a power outage

  • Turn off all major non-essential appliances
  • Leave one light on to identify when the power is restored
  • Unplug sensitive electronic equipment
  • If you use candles, never leave them unattended
  • Stay warm with blankets and extra clothing
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning: Never use any gasoline, natural gas or propane equipment or charcoal barbecues intended for outdoor use indoors; even with ventilation

Know what to do once power is restored

  • Turn on only the most essential appliances for to give the electrical system a chance to stabilize
  • Check your refrigerator and freezer to ensure they are back on; If perishable food (e.g., meat, fish, poultry, eggs and any leftovers) was stored in a refrigerator without power for more than four hours, it should be thrown out
  • Replace items from your emergency kit you may have used so you are prepared for future emergencies

Localized Flooding

  • These weather conditions may bring potential localized flooding
  • Monitor local media and conservation authorities for flood alerts and warnings
  • Ensure, if you have a sump pump, it is working and have a battery back-up
  • Clear eaves troughs, catch basins, culverts and drainage ditches
  • Review your insurance policy to ensure you are adequately covered, including sewer back-up insurance
  • Clean, disinfect or replace materials damaged by flooding
  • Private wells that experience flooding should be tested for bacteria before water is consumed

York Region residents can follow The Regional Municipality of York on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #OnYRRoads and #BePrepared for updates. Residents can also follow @YorkParamedics for important health and safety messaging during this winter storm.

York Region; Ice Storm Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for York Region. Rain and freezing rain is expected to start in York Region Saturday, January 11 The Regional Municipality of York en-US News

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York Region; Ice Storm
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