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April 7, 2019 is World Health Day, an international day of recognition highlighting the importance of access to health care services around the globe. York Region Paramedics play a key role in delivering quality health services to the residents of York Region. In recognition of World Health Day, we’re highlighting the ways York Region Paramedics are making a positive impact for the residents of York Region and beyond.

Responding to emergencies, day and night

York Region Paramedics are available to respond to medical emergencies any time, day or night. York Region’s Primary Care and Advanced Care paramedics are highly trained professionals who can provide a variety of medical treatments on scene, prior to transporting their patient to the most appropriate hospital when required. York Region Paramedics also attend four Professional Development and Continued Medical Education days annually, which allows them to maintain competency, review updated medical protocols and treatments and practice clinical skills in a non-judgemental and safe space.

In 2018, York Region Paramedics responded to over 83,000 incidences ranging from life-threatening calls (absence of breathing, pulse, cardiac arrest) to minor calls (general pain, repeat visits).

Community Safety Village

Each year, students from around York Region are provided with the unique opportunity to receive high-quality education programming from first responders in York Region in a hands-on setting geared to learning.  The Community Safety Village is an interactive educational facility with an indoor learning centre and outdoor miniature village. The program is part of a unique ‘tri-services’ partnership between York Region Paramedic Services, York Regional Police and local municipal fire services to provide lessons in health and safety to students from kindergarten to Grade five.

During the 2017/2018 school year, York Region Paramedics reached more than 8,000 York Region students in 302 classes through their Paramedic Classroom.

Personal Medical Information Kids

The Personal Medical Information Kit is a useful resource to help York Region residents manage important health information. The kits attach to a fridge and are an easy way to contain copies of medical documentation, including information about medical history, any pre-existing conditions and a list of medications. The kit is designed to be visible and easily accessible by paramedics or other emergency services. It can assist with the speedy exchange of information to help enhance patient care.

York Region Paramedics have distributed more than 30,000 Personal Medical Information kits in our community.

Lifesaving CPR Awareness

Each year, York Region Paramedics visit with community groups, allied agencies and schools to share information about a variety of health and safety topics including alcohol and risk related trauma, senior’s health and CPR awareness. According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, approximately 40,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest every year in Canada. While 80 per cent of these occur at home or in a public place, bystanders only perform CPR 15 per cent of the time. Bystanders play a significant role in increasing a person’s chance of survival from a suspected cardiac arrest. Early and effective hands-only CPR can maintain blood flow to the brain and vital organs until paramedics arrive.

Just remember:

  • Place hands in the Centre of the chest
  • Push hard and fast (compressions should be at a rate of 100 per minute and a depth of at least 5cm (2inches) for adults and children)
  • Repeat until paramedics arrive

Between November 2018 and March 2019, York Region Paramedics have taught more than 4,000 people about CPR and AEDs through 167 education sessions.

Helping countries around the world

In York Region, ambulances are removed from operation when they reach a lifespan of five years or 250,000 kilometres. Once an ambulance has been removed from the fleet, it has the potential to be donated for use in other countries where access to quality medical services equipment may not be as readily available.

Decommissioned ambulances may only be donated to registered not-for-profit, community or international humanitarian organizations that generally align with services supported by York Region.

Ambulance donations are an important way York Region can contribute to agencies here at home and around the world. York Region Paramedics have donated 10 decommissioned ambulances since 2011. On Monday, April 8, York Region Paramedics will make another donation of a decommissioned ambulance to the Caribbean North Charities Foundation for use in the communities of Dominica, which was impacted by hurricanes in 2017.

York Region’s team of more than 550 paramedics provide emergency medical response to York Region residents and visitors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Learn more about paramedic services in York Region or follow on Twitter @YorkParamedics

Photo courtesy of Jonathan D. Smith, Primary Care Paramedic, York Region Paramedic Services

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