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Local Businesses Help Protect Drinking Water Supply Wells

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Many York Region residents receive their drinking water from groundwater wells. To protect the 41 wells, York Region works with local businesses and farms to identify chemicals and fuels, which are used and stored on their property.  Together, business owners and Regional Source Water Protection staff create and implement Risk Management Plans which include spill response plans and kits. These plans are in place to help reduce potential impacts to the drinking water supplies.

Working with the Risk Management Office ensures businesses in York Region become compliant with The Clean Water Act, 2006 and continue to be good environmental stewards. The process to participate is easy and costs can be mitigated through the financial incentive program.

See how Supreme Auto Collision Centre protects water in this video

To find out if your business is eligible for the Source Water Protection Incentive Program, please visit or call 1-877-464-9675.

Learn more about the two Source Water Protection Plans or visit

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