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Major Mackenzie Drive Road Improvements

Aerial photo of Major Mackenzie Drive work. Work to the underpass and trail continues in the valley.

City of Vaughan

The road improvements on Major Mackenzie Drive at McNaughton/Avro Road are now complete and the road is open to the public. York Region closed Major Mackenzie Drive on June 17, 2019 to complete the road improvements and the road was reopened eight weeks later on August 12, 2019.

Your patience and understanding during the road closure was greatly appreciated as crews worked around the clock to ensure the project was completed on schedule.

Road Improvements

New river culvert:

  • The deteriorated culvert was replaced with a larger and more durable, concrete culvert
  • The West Don River and associated natural environment was improved

photo of the culvert

New pedestrian/cycling underpass:

  • A pedestrian and cycling-friendly underpass was built next to the new culvert
  • New paved connections from Major Mackenzie Drive to the underpass were installed
  • The underpass will allow for future travel under the roadway and eventually connect to the City of Vaughan’s trail system

photo new pedestrian and cyclist underpass

New multi-use paths:

  • Multi-use paths were constructed on both sides of Major Mackenzie Drive
  • The paths are wider than typical sidewalks and will allow for easier travel through the area for pedestrians and cyclists

photo of multiuse path

New storm sewer, watermain and road pavement:

  • A new storm sewer system was installed to carry storm water from the roadway, and an oil grit separator was installed to help prevent roadway sediment and contaminants from entering the West Don River
  • A new watermain was installed to support the future Mackenzie Vaughan Hospital
  • Major Mackenzie Drive was fully reconstructed within the project limits including new curbs, road safety barriers and pavement markings

photo of storm sewer

Did you know?

  • Major Mackenzie Drive was named after Addison Alexander “Lex” Mackenzie, who was a Canadian politician from Woodbridge and a First World War veteran
  • From 1954 to 1987 this area was home to a private airport, called Maple Airport; the legacy lives on through Maple Airport Park, a small park located on Avro Road
  • The Town of Maple (as it was known at the time) was once named Noble’s Corner. Presently, the name Maple is said to derive from the number of maple trees once found in the village along Keele Street

photo of Maple south side of major mackenzie drive

Maple South Side of Major Mackenzie at Keele Street 1900 to 1910 (Photo credit: City of Vaughan Archives)

photo Major Alexander Mackenzie, Provincial Conservative Member of Parliament

Major Alexander Mackenzie, Provincial Conservative Member of Parliament for 22 yrs, no date (Photo credit: City of Vaughan Archives)

photo of maple airport

Aerial shot of Maple Airport- c. 1985 (Photo credit: City of Vaughan Archives)

Please direct general inquiries to:

York Region
Phone: 1-877-464-9675 ext. 75886

After-hours emergency: 1-877-464-9675 ext. 75200

Aerial photo of major mackenzie construction work

Work to the underpass and trail continues in the valley.

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Updated October 10, 2019

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