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Pack a responsible frosh kit this September

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Back to school season isn’t only for elementary aged children. For many students, September marks the return to dorm rooms and university and college campuses. As you get your frosh kit ready, don’t forget to consider including condoms.

Protect yourself

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are passed on by direct sexual contact between sexual partners. Besides abstinence, the most effective way to prevent transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is to practice safe sex with consistent and correct use of condoms.

Get tested

York Region operates six sexual health clinics, offering a wide range of sexual health services related to birth control and STIs. Services include confidential, non-judgmental STI testing and treatment, birth control counselling and low-cost birth control options, including the emergency contraceptive pill. Condoms are available in the clinics at no cost. The clinics also provide anonymous HIV testing and rapid Point-of-Care HIV finger-prick testing, making results available in minutes.

Services at the clinics are available by appointment at no cost,. A health card is not required and the clinics are safe spaces for all.

Talk about sex

Take the time to talk with your sexual partner. Talk about sex, birth control and STIs, and get tested before being sexually active with a new partner. This can help you become more comfortable and confident with your choices regarding sexual activity and can create a positive environment where sexual and reproductive rights are respected.

For more information on birth control, STIs and testing, or to make an appointment at one of York Region’s Sexual Health Clinics, call Health Connection at 1-800-361-5653, TTY 1-866-252-9933 or visit

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