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Protecting our waterways on World Toilet Day

UN-water and United Nations have marked November 19 as World Toilet Day to raise the awareness and dialogue on fresh water and sanitation issues.

While in York Region we have access to safely managed sanitation, our Region remains committed to protecting our water sources and infrastructure so we can provide clean, safe, affordable water to our growing communities.

As part of World Toilet Day, York Region is reminding residents of the important role we all play in our urban water cycle. Every action makes a difference. Did you know, wastewater is produced every time we take a shower, do laundry or flush the toilet? This water is collected in sewers and pumped to Water Resource Recovery facilities for treatment before being returned to the environment.

Canadian municipalities spend more than $250 million each year removing garbage from our sewer systems. York Region alone spends $1 million each year cleaning our sewers from incorrectly flushed debris. When items such as wipes, dental floss or personal hygiene products are flushed down the toilet, they can block sewers, causing possible sewer backups and flooded basements. All are extremely costly to municipalities and taxpayers.

There are countless items that should never be thrown in the toilet. And there are only three things that belong in the throne – Number “1”, number “2” and toilet paper.

It is important to remember toilets are not garbage cans.

Test your knowledge with our Game of Thrown.

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