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Safe Kids Week June 3 to 9

Parents holding the hands of a toddler learning to walk

Safe Kids Week 2019, by Parachute Canada, focuses on the topic of preventing harmful child falls in the home and at play.

Falling is a normal part of a child’s development as they grow, gain new skills and learn about the environment around them. While most falls do not result in serious injury, a fall is the most common cause of childhood injuries requiring medical attention.

  • Fall-related injuries are a serious health issue for children
  • A fall can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones and concussion
  • The majority of falls are predictable and preventable

Keep kids safe from harmful falls in the home while playing with these top tips:

  • Use window stops and keep balcony doors locked. A window screen can easily tear or get pushed through if your child is pressing on it. Keep windows locked when possible and use window stops, which prevent windows from being opened wide enough for a child to fall through.
  • Use stair gates in your home. Always use hardware mount gates at the top of stairs. Pressure mount gates can be used at the bottom of stairs.
  • Place all furniture away from windows and balcony door handles. Remember, children can climb even before they are able to walk. Climbing on furniture can give children access to windows and balconies, where they can fall from significant heights.
  • Prevent fall injuries from playground equipment. Make sure equipment has barriers to prevent falls from heights, is properly anchored, is in good condition and has a deep, soft surface to cushion falls if they do happen.
  • Active supervision, while still giving your child the chance to explore and develop, is key. For children younger than five years, stay close as they play. Keep an eye on older children, too; they like to take chances but do not necessarily understand risks.

Check out Safe KidsWeek downloadable online resources.

Join in the #FallProofYourHome Challenge, where families are encouraged to use the #FallProofYourHome Checklist to address key hazards for children that cause serious injuries from falls in the home.

We also encourage you to join the discussion on social media by following @ParachuteCanada and @YorkRegionGovt on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and using the hashtags #FallProofYourHome and #SKW2019 to spread the message about childhood fall prevention.

For more information about the prevention of childhood falls visit  or contact Access York 1-877-464-9675, TTY 1-866-512-6228.

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