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Start the year off right

Shopping list for groceries

Now that the holiday chaos is behind you, it’s a perfect time to start planning the year ahead. Here’s a quick list of some easy Good Food tips to help you eat better, save money and waste less this year.  Think of the possibilities!

  1. Plan your meals. Try planning one or two healthy meals each week with extra leftovers to use for your lunches. This can help you get into the habit of eating better. Planning healthy meals and leftovers can save you time, money and calories in the long run.
  2. Shop with a list. By preparing a shopping list you are less likely to purchase less healthy options on impulse. Stick to the list and buy only what you need. This will help you eat healthy and save money. Try replacing dessert with fresh fruit or salty snacks with nuts or yogurt.
  3. Get organized. Set aside some time to organize your pantry and refrigerator to help you take stock of what you have in the house. Build your meal plan around what you already have on hand. This can save you money by not buying things you already have or using up items before they expire or go bad.  
  4. Store properly. To extend the life of the good healthy foods you’ve bought know where they are best stored. Quick tip: set your vegetable crisper drawer to high humidity and your fruit crisper drawer to low.
  5. Include your family. Extra help with planning, shopping or cooking means more time to relax.  Resting more, eating healthier and spending more time with family and friends can reduce your stress.

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