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Staying Safe Online while Working from Home

Stay Safe Online

For many of us lucky enough to have the option, working from home can be a huge adjustment. Something we need to consider, and is often overlooked due to the present circumstances, is how to stay safe online while we work from home.

When working from home, we rely on our home network settings and the security software installed on our devices to keep us safe. At home, we usually have far less protection than we do when working from our traditional office settings.

The health and safety of our residents is of utmost importance to us at York Region. While our Public Health experts are working the frontlines to keep everyone physically safe and healthy, our IT experts have shared some tips to ensure our residents continue to remain safe online while staying home.

Quick Tips for Online Safety:

  1. Think before you click
    Hackers are taking advantage of the fear COVID-19 is creating by sending new and more deceptive phishing scams that look like messages from legitimate senders. Never provide sensitive information or follow a link unless you are absolutely sure of the sender.
  2. Avoid visiting potentially unsafe websites
    Many office networks block unsafe websites to protect us from malware, phishing and session hijacking attempts. You may not have such protections in place at home. While working from home, it is important to be extra careful when browsing the web, opening links or clicking ads.

  3. Keep work and personal browsing separate
    Keep all work-related web browser activity isolated in its own browser. If you are looking up recipes, streaming music or video, or any other personal browsing, use a separate browser (e.g. Chrome for personal, Internet Explorer for business).

  4. Protect your Wi-Fi network
    Make sure your Wi-Fi network is password protected using WPA2 with AES encryption. Change your Wi-Fi security settings to better protect you while working from home. Follow the instructions that came with your router or contact your internet service provider for assistance.

  5. Protect your personal computer
    If you are connecting using a personal computer, make sure to enable your firewall and have up-to-date anti-virus software running.

Working from home can be an adjustment for many. While you’re doing your part to flatten the curve by working from home, make the transition easier by following these tips to ensure you’re safe online.

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