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Take the pledge - Let's Cook!

Illustration of a person cooking at a stove top besdie fresh vegetables and a cutting board

More than half of Canadians eat meals prepared out of the home at least once a day. Life is hectic - increased demands leave less time for preparing meals at home. But the benefits to cooking go far beyond nutrition – cooking matters.

Join York Region as we get back to the basics and cook more often with fresh ingredients. The Let’s Cook! pledge invites residents to cook with fresh ingredients and get inspired about cooking. By pledging to cook more often, residents will receive healthy recipes, tips and tools monthly through our Let’s Cook! e-bulletin.

Cooking is an important life skill

  • Learning to cook helps children grow into healthy, independent adults
  • Learn how to plan meals, shop smart and follow recipes

Cooking simple meals is fast and will save money

  • Plan simple meals with fresh ingredients
  • Make a grocery list and buy only what you need
  • Make large amounts of a recipe and save leftovers for another meal

Cooking at home more often is healthier

  • Control what you eat and know what is in your food
  • Choose a healthy cooking method like grilling or steaming

Cooking is better for the environment

  • Preparing a home-cooked meal reduces packaging and food waste
  • Proper food storage creates less food waste
  • Buying fresh and local supports local farmers

Cooking brings people together

  • Family and friends that eat together, eat better
  • Build healthier relationships and improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Get connected to cultures and family traditions

Watch this video for inspiration to cook more with fresh ingredients.

Visit and the York Region Let’s Cook! Pinterest board for simple recipes and meal planning tips. Take the pledge to cook more often! Share your cooking creations with #LetsCookYR

cook,nutrition,healthy eating,fresh ingredients By pledging to cook more often, you will receive healthy recipes, tips and tools monthly through our Let’s Cook! e-bulletin. The Regional Municipality of York en-US News

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