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Keep roads safe: Working together to help your commute

York Region’s most recent statistics show more than one third of collisions are caused by acts of aggressive driving, including following too closely, exceeding speed limits, driving too fast for condition, improper passing and improper lane changes.

This week is National Road Safety Week. York Region wants to encourage all road users to travel safely.

York Region plays a role in providing safe streets by upgrading intersections with new technology, building and maintaining roads, public education and enforcement.


York Region uses the latest technology in transportation to address and resolve traffic issues in real-time. This real-time information is made possible by 400 Bluetooth sensors that allow the Region to measure travel times to identify areas that need to be adjusted through short-term measures and long-term planning. This allows staff to take immediate action to reduce travel disruption when there is a collision, watermain break, debris or construction delays.

The Region also has installed 40 red light cameras to improve driver and pedestrian safety by reducing the number of right angle collisions at intersections. Intersections with red light cameras can reduce T-bone collisions of more than 70% and has shown to change driver behavior across the Region at all intersections.


York Region has awareness and education campaigns to remind travellers of the importance of being alert and safe on the roads.

Slow Down encourages drivers to obey the speed limits and educates on the dangers of aggressive driving.

Pledge to Ignore informs drivers and pedestrians of the dangers of being distracted when travelling on the road.

Be Visible, Be Seen reminds pedestrians and cyclists to wear bright reflective clothing when travelling in the dark and motorists to be alert and slow down.

Building a connected transportation system

The Region maintains more than 4,250 lane-kilometres of road and continues to add more to build more to enhance the road network. One example of this is the transformed the road network around the Highway 404/Highway 7 interchange.

Improvements around the Highway 404/Highway 7 interchange include:

  • Norman Bethune Avenue, a new four-lane road with a bridge crossing over Highway 404, north of Highway 7, with on-street bike lanes, sidewalks, trees, street lighting and traffic signals
  • Aristotle Avenue, a new road with two northbound lanes and one southbound lane, located opposite the Highway 404 northbound off-ramp on the north side of Highway 7

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York Region; road safety
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