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Backyard sale

Do you need a little incentive to make your backyard a little more natural and healthy this Spring? York Region is hosting a Backyard Sale for everyone living in York Region.  Until May 8th, backyard composters can be ordered online for only $20 each, while quantities last. Trees are now sold out, so don’t delay any further. Once ordered, your composter can be picked up on May 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the York Region Administrative Centre in the Town of Newmarket.  

To get your yard and gardens off to a good start this year you will want to use good quality compost full of nutrients. This is where a backyard composter fits in. Your new composter can break down leaves and garden clippings as well as some kitchen scraps including fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, tea leaves and coffee grounds.  With the purchase of a backyard composter for $20 (which often retails for over $80 each) you can create your own nutrient-rich garden gold free of chemical fertilizers that can be added around your flower beds, vegetable gardens and trees to help them grow.

Although our trees are sold out for this year’s sale there are other options you can consider if you still want a tree. More information can be found on planting your own tree, full service planting where the tree is planted for you, programs for both large lots and small apartments and condos.  All this can be found at

 If you’re heading out to your local nursery to buy trees, shrubs or perennials, the Water Efficient Plant Guide and the Grow Me Instead Guide offer excellent tips for choosing the right plant for your yard.

For York Region residents living in the City of Richmond Hill you can also participate in the town’s Healthy Yards Plant and Garden Sale on May 25.

By checking out our Backyard Sale you and your family can be a part of a movement that’s building a healthier, cleaner, cooler environment.

nature,sale,subsidy,composter,planting,tree,backyard,spring,clean up,yard,buy Do you need a little incentive to bring Mother Nature into your backyard this Spring? York Region and partners are hosting a Backyard Sale for everyone living in York Region. The Regional Municipality of York en-US News

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nature,sale,subsidy,composter,planting,tree,backyard,spring,clean up,yard,buy
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