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What should we pack for lunch?

The ring of the bell marks a new school year. With excited kids running off to school, parents are running back into the kitchen to begin packing lunches.

Coming up with ideas for healthy school lunches can be a challenge. Follow these tips for packing a healthy lunch and snacks that your children might actually eat:

Plan it out

Don’t rush to pack lunches on your way out the door. Take a few minutes the night before to plan and put together lunches for the next day. As a family, prepare a list of favourite lunch and snack foods. If your child is tired of the same old routine, introduce a weekly menu with different choices.

Make it complete

Use Canada’s Food Guide to choose foods from three or four food groups for lunch and one or two food groups for snacks, including at least one fruit or vegetable with each meal and snack.

Your child’s likes and dislikes may change from day-to-day. Add variety by offering different fruits and vegetables each day and offer new foods more than once, even if it’s come home before in their lunch bag.

Get them involved

Let your child help plan, prepare and pack lunches. They will be more excited about eating their lunch if they are involved. Your child can help to:

  • Wash and cut fruits and vegetables
  • Make sandwiches and wraps
  • Fill their reusable water bottle each morning
  • Sort food into containers and put it into lunch bags

Skip the juice and sugary drinks

Go for water, milk or fortified soy beverages and keep them cold with two ice packs. Send water in a reusable bottle labelled with your child’s name.

Have a healthy school year knowing children who eat better, learn better!

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