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Winter is here to stay

Four things you can do today to #BePrepared

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Most residents across York Region have already experienced an early blast of wintry weather, complete with snow, slush and ice.

According to The Weather Network’s Winter Forecast, it seems winter is here to stay. They’re predicting a long, cold winter that will dominate through the next few months.

Living in this cold climate, we begin to get used to the sub-zero temperatures. However, winter weather can become severe, with the potential to knock out electricity, heat and communication services if storms hit.

York Region wants to remind residents that a little planning can make a big difference in pulling through the cold weather months safely.

Take action today and #beprepared. Here are four things you can do that you’ll be grateful for if the weather turns from just plain cold, to stormy.

Take the following actions:

1. Assemble a 72-hour emergency preparedness kit:

  • A basic kit should include water, matches, a flashlight, a radio and a first aid kit.
  • Check out the York Region Emergency Preparedness Guide (page 38) for other items to include in your emergency kit.

2. Prepare an Emergency Car Kit

  • Every driver should carry a survival kit in their vehicle
  • Booster cables, an approved container for gasoline, blankets, emergency food pack are just some items you can consider including
  • See page 45 of the Emergency Preparedness Guide for more ideas

3. Know your insurance

  • Damage from most storms are generally covered by insurance however, there are instances where some damage may not be
  • Be prepared, protect your finance assets and discuss your insurance needs with an agent, broker, or representative to ensure you’re covered

3. Prepare for a Power Outage

  • Have emergency light sources, flashlights and glow sticks accessible in various areas of your home or business are a great start
  • Have at least one corded telephone in your house to use if the power goes out
  • Always have one vehicle with no less than a half a tank of fuel ready

York Region residents can follow The Regional Municipality of York on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #OnYRRoads and #BePrepared for updates.

Residents can also follow @YorkParamedics for important health and safety messages.

Visit the full Emergency Preparedness Guide for more tips on getting prepared.

Winter storm,winter,York Region Most residents across York Region have already experienced an early blast of wintry weather, complete with snow, slush and ice. The Regional Municipality of York en-US News

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