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York Region continues to support a waste-free future in Onta

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York Region reaffirmed its commitment to pursuing a zero-waste future as set out in the Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016 by advocating for early transition to full producer responsibility before the current provincial target of 2023.

The Act includes plans to divert even more waste from landfills by re-examining what gets recycled through municipal Blue Box programs and how they are managed.

The proposed changes set out in Ontario’s Waste-Free Ontario Act, 2016, intend to:

•    Encourage more innovative packaging design
•    Reduce packaging waste and overall environmental impact
•    Result in cost-savings for municipalities
•    Improve the recycling program experience

York Region will continue to engage and work with our local cities and towns and the province to provide a Regional perspective on issues related to the Waste-Free Ontario Act while delivering a Blue Box program that meets the needs and best interest of our communities.

For information on waste reduction initiatives in York Region, visit and to learn about reuse, recycling and disposal options for unwanted items, visit

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