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York Region is a hot bed for innovation

York Region hosts the 2018 Broadband and Innovation Summit

Broadband and Innovation Summit

Is your workplace structure and culture aligned with the ongoing trends in our workforces today? Those are the types of questions we heard at The Regional Municipality of York’s fourth Broadband and Innovation Summit.

“York Region continues to be an economic leader,” said York Region Chairman and CEO, Wayne Emmerson. “We are home to some of the best and brightest minds and by continuing to push for improved broadband we are supporting the Region’s commitment to innovation.”

York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne EmmersonThe event was hosted in one of York Region’s four urban centres, on Thursday, November 08, 2018. The focus of this year’s event looked at how York Region is evolving as a Knowledge Workforce Hub.

You may be questioning, what is a “knowledge workforce?”  It’s the importance of attracting and retaining talent that is critical for knowledge based jobs that drive economic growth.

It’s the person who is using social media in their everyday lives, the ones with the basic understanding of how to use technology to get ahead in their careers.  But it’s also the people who can sell technology, can customize technology, can develop technology and can invest technology. Simply put, they’re the people who will help support innovation in your workplace.
The event brought together over 200 participants, most of which were first time attendees interested to learn more about York Region’s Broadband Strategy and The Region’s dark fibre network and leveraging the talent and opportunities that exist within York Region.

Laura Bradley, General Manager of York Telecom Network Inc. (YTN) shared the innovation that is helping them focus their work for the future, the service delivery and ultimately delivering better connectivity across York Region.

Deborah BottineauDeborah Bottineau, Regional Vice-President from Robert Half shared Current and Future Trends in Desired Skills. She focused on the digital transformations we’re seeing and the huge pool of talent you might be missing out on if you don’t keep up with the changing trends in talent attraction for the Knowledge Workforce.

The top three drivers of workplace happiness for Tech professionals as quoted by Bottineau are:

  1. Pride in their organization
  2. Feeling appreciated for the work they do
  3. Interest in their work

The presentation highlighted the fact that candidates are being presented with various opportunities to explore careers, if you’re a recruiter and not presenting a challenge then you’re not showing you’re your value or potential.

Not a human resource professional? Lots of very interesting and valuable things coming out of the summit for you too.
Learning from York University’s President Rhonda Lenton, she shared that the lifecycle of a new skill has a span of only three years. Three years!

This point made remarks from Dr. Thomas Lee, Chief Education Officer at Quanser’s pledge for the business community to unite and support the development of future knowledge workers interesting.  He urged the importance of business leaders coming together to provide students with training during their studies in order to maintain their relevance well after their education.

Now more than ever we are living in a society where new skills and knowledge are critical for growth.

With that lifecycle in mind, here are interview questions you can think about when you’re aiming to recruit or discover your place in the Knowledge Workforce.

  1. Tell me about a recent project or process that made you better, faster or more efficient.
  2. What’s your approach to working with new or unfamiliar technology?
  3. What are the best ways you’ve found to keep your tech skills current?
  4. Tell me about your biggest professional tech-related failure?
  5. What emerging technology excites you most?

Interested to learn more about the talent in York Region? Visit and follow the conversation on Twitter using #KnowledgeYR

Broadband summit,York Region,innovation Is your workplace structure and culture aligned with the ongoing trends in our workforces today? Those are the types of questions we heard at The Regional Municipality of York’s fourth Broadband and Innovation Summit. The Regional Municipality of York en-US News

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