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York Region Transit wins two CUTA Awards


Today, York Region Transit (YRT) won two Canadian Urban Transit Association Awards (CUTA), corporate Leadership Awards; one for hosting the first ever Transit Special Constable Women’s Symposium and the other for enhancing the efficiency of vehicles using data.

Transit Special Constable Women’s Symposium

YRT, in partnership with TTC and Metrolinx, received a Corporate Leadership Innovation Award from CUTA for their work on the first ever Special Constable Women’s Symposium, which was held August 25, 2018.

The sold-out symposium was held to encourage more women to join the field of transit enforcement and security, and featured educational information, inspiring speakers, mentorship and networking opportunities. Women currently make up between nine and 15 per cent of Special constables across transit agencies.

The symposium demonstrated the values each transit agency holds in providing opportunities for women in the workplace.

Empowering safe and efficient vehicle use with Data

INIT, in partnership with YRT, received a Corporate Leadership Safety and Security Award from CUTA. YRT and INIT have been working together to develop, test and launch a vehicle health and bus operator support system to reduce idling time, fuel consumption and improve the overall efficient use of the vehicles. Since being introduced to YRT’s fleet in December 2017, there has been a decrease in fuel consumption and inefficient vehicle use, as well as enhanced best practices related to driving.

The software collects data from the vehicle and tracks overall utilization including speed, acceleration rate and fuel consumption, to name a few, and provides analyzed information in real-time on inefficient vehicle use.

York Region; York Region Transit; CUTA awards Today, York Region Transit (YRT) won two Canadian Urban Transit Association Awards (CUTA), corporate Leadership Awards. The Regional Municipality of York en-US News

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