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About Subsidized Housing

York Region administers and funds subsidized housing in all nine area municipalities, giving individuals, families and seniors with low- to moderate-incomes the opportunity to rent a home at a reduced (or subsidized) rent.

Many people who live in subsidized housing pay rent based on their income. Rent geared-to-income (RGI) is typically calculated at 30 per cent of a household’s total gross income. Gross income is income before taxes and deductions are removed.

Types of subsidized housing

There are several different types of subsidized housing:

Non-profit housing

Non-profit housing is owned and operated by community-based, non-profit organizations such as faith groups and service clubs. They are either self-managed or managed through a property management company. Non-profit housing can be a mix of subsidized and market rent (not subsidized) housing. 

Co-operative housing

Co-operative housing (co-ops) are collectively owned and managed by the people who live in them. Residents living in co-ops are called members. A board of directors is elected among the members of a co-op.

If you are interested in living in co-operative housing, you must attend an information session. Most co-operatives also require you to attend an interview with their membership committee before offering you housing.

Housing York Inc.

Housing York Inc. is York Region’s housing corporation. It owns and operates 2,600 subsidized and market rent housing units across York Region.

Rent supplement

York Region has rent supplement agreements with various private landlords. Rent supplement tenants pay rent geared-to-income in private rental apartments. The Region pays the landlord the difference between the tenant’s subsidized rent and the market rental cost of the unit.

Market rent

Many subsidized housing communities have a mix of subsidized rent and market rent housing. Market rent is where the tenant pays the full rent for the unit. To be eligible for market rent housing you must meet the requirements of the housing provider. For information about rental rates or to apply for a market rent unit, contact the housing provider directly.

Federal Co-operatives

Federal housing co-operatives are housing communities within the region that are not funded or administered by York Region.  These housing providers do not use the Region’s centralized waiting list. If you want to live in these communities, you must apply directly to those federal housing providers. 

Information on how to apply for subsidized units in the social housing locations within York Region is available on each listing.

Housing locations in York Region

See the list of subsidized housing buildings located throughout York Region.

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