The Regional Municipality Of York


York Region provides many routine and by request services to ensure that motorists are safe and that the road network is maintained.

The Lake to Lake Route will be a major recreational and commuter Regional trail and is expected to be a major destination and amenity for all York Region and City of Toronto residents and visitors.

York Region can reimburse residents for mailboxes that are damaged by snowplows. Damaged mailboxes should be reported as soon as possible for investigation.

Municipal Consent gives companies permission to install or move utilities. It is also needed any time the road needs to be excavated.

Not all roads in York Region are controlled and maintained by York Region. View a map and description of Regional Roads here.

York Region operates and maintains the street lights at Regional road intersections. You can report street lamp outages for repairs.

This form allows residents to report to vehicle damage on roads in York Region

Road closures are needed for repairs or improvement projects. Get information on planned and unplanned Regional road closures across York Region.

Current and upcoming Regional road improvement and construction projects help York region meet the needs of growing communities.

Permits are needed before doing some types of work or placing signs on or beside Regional roads. Find out how to apply for road sign and road use permits.

Some roads in York Region have weight restrictions. Commercial vehicles carrying loads heavier than allowed need an Excess Load Permit to drive on these roads.

Request road maintenance on any of York Region's Regional Roads for potholes, broken signs, lights, or other damages.

Roundabouts are designed to help improve the movement of traffic in the area.

Streetscape Program, related policies and guidelines for consultants.

The Transportation Fact Book has Information and data about York Region's transportation system.

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