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Roads Operations

York Region maintains all Regional roads. To learn more about road operations in York Region, please select one of the services below.

If you would like to report a road maintenance problem, such as a pot hole, broken sign or malfunctioning traffic signal, please contact us at:

Phone: 905-830-4444 Ext. 75200
Toll Free: 1-877-464-9675 Ext. 75200



Asphalt Repairs

York Region regularly checks the roads for potholes or cracks and schedules repairs. During the repairs, signs and safety devices are set up around the work zone. Please obey these signs and devices and give workers room.



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Bridge Maintenance

Bridges are checked regularly to ensure they are in good condition. York Region staff also provides annual cleaning and arranges necessary repairs or replacements.

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Catch Basin Maintenance

Catch basins are cleaned annually. This prevents sand, silt and debris from contaminating the water supply. Damage or malfunctions identified during cleaning will be scheduled for repair.

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Culvert Maintenance

<p dir="ltr">York Region is responsible for maintaining driveway culverts. Once a culvert is installed and approved by The Region it is regularly cleaned out and checked for repairs.</p>

<p dir="ltr">Note: York Region is not responsible for the installation of culverts that are needed for new entrances or entrance improvements. If a property owner requires one, they must apply for one using the <a target="_blank" title="" href="/wps/wcm/myconnect/yorkpublic/626ba6dd-098e-4bb8-938d-9ca456779c37/A+-+Construction.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&amp;useDefaultText=0&amp;useDefaultDesc=0">Road Occupancy Application Form</a> and email it to <a target="" title="" href=""></a>. (Visit the <a target="" title="" href="/wps/wcm/myconnect/yr_content/yorkconstituent/home/transportation/roads/roaduseandroadsignpermits/roaduseandroadsignpermits?contentIDR=1843e11e-281c-43f4-b4fb-9fd035a34f1f&amp;useDefaultText=0&amp;useDefaultDesc=0">Road Use and Road Sign Permits</a> page for more information).</p>

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Ditch Cleaning

Ditches can fill in over time, especially in the spring. York Region monitors ditches and maintains them regularly by clearing out vegetation and debris.

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Grass Cutting

During the summer York Region schedules grass cutting along Regional roads. The number of times the grass is cut depends on the classification of the road:

  • Urban: 14 cuts per year
  • Semi-rural: Five cuts per year
  • Rural: Two cuts per year

NOTE: Please ensure that children and pets are kept away from the machinery for safety reasons. Personal property should be kept away from the road to avoid damage.

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Microsurfacing is a common and cost-effective road maintenance treatment designed to treat roads with minor defects and can extend the life of a road up to 8 years.



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Pavement Markings

Most line and surface markings on the road are applied by York Region staff. Surface markings are generally applied from May to October. Line painting is done at least once a year. Regional roads are prioritized for line painting based on factors including safety, highest traffic volumes and traffic speeds.



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Road Sign Maintenance

York Region maintains all road signs on Regional roads. All road signs that are missing or damaged are replaced or repaired.

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Road Sweeping

Regional roads, boulevards and medians are swept and washed in early spring to remove dirt that builds up over winter. Road sweeping is mainly done in urban and semi-urban areas, and where pavement and gravel meet. Roads are also swept after motor vehicle accidents, spills and construction.

NOTE: For the safety of the public, developers and general contractors are responsible for keeping the Regional roads near their sites clear of mud and debris.

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Shoulder Grading

York Region schedules regular shoulder grading in rural and semi-rural areas. Grading protects the edge of the pavement removing bumps, ruts or potholes.

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