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Be visible. Be seen.

Shorter daylight hours, changing weather and reduced visibility can result in significant safety issues.



Did you know, from half hour before sunset to half hour after sunrise, you must have a front white light and either a rear red reflector or rear red light. You also need to have a light on your bike when it’s dark due to rain, fog, or snow.

Without a light, you become invisible at night. With lights, reflectors, reflective tape, and bright clothing, you can be seen again.
Fines for riding without lights in Ontario have recently increased from $20 to $110.

The Law
Ontario Highway Traffic Act requires that all cyclists have proper lighting when riding in the dark
- A white light at the front
- Either a red light or reflector at the rear
- There is a $110 fine for riding without lights in Ontario

Tips for Being Seen at Night

  • Use a flashing red LED rear light; it is more visible than a steady red light
  • Wear light coloured clothing
  • Wear a safety vest or jacket with reflective material
  • Use a front headlight
  • Use spoke & pedal reflectors on your bike
  • Wear a strobe light on your arm


To increase road safety:

  • Avoid distractions and be more aware of pedestrians and cyclists
  • Slow down during dangerous weather conditions and poor visibility
  • Ensure windshield wiper fluid is full and wipers are functioning properly
  • Make sure headlights are on when daylight is fading and at night


To increase safety:

  • Avoid wearing dark clothing at night
  • Wear reflective items or clothing and walk with a flashlight to make themselves more visible to motorists
  • Cross streets at designated cross walks or intersections
  • Avoid distractions and make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street

Watch more videos and read up on tips from the Motorists/Pedestrians Safety Campaign that emphasizes shared responsibility between motorists and pedestrians to ensure the safety of all road users.

be safe,be seen,pedestrian safety The Regional Municipality of York en-US My Dearest Pedestrian, I want to see more of you Love, Motorist Be visible. Be seen. Turning back the clocks means shorter daylight hours for motorists and pedestrians. Bright clothing and reflective strips makes a difference between being seen and not being seen. See for yourself.

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