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Slow Down

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The Regional Municipality of York is continuing to make road and intersection improvements to further enhance pedestrian and cyclist safety. The following four intersections have been selected for additional safety enhancements this year:

  • Major Mackenzie Drive and Bayview Avenue in the City of Richmond Hill
  • Yonge Street and Clark Avenue in the City of Markham
  • Bathurst Street and Carrville/Rutherford Road in the City of Richmond Hill
  • Bathurst Street and Clark Avenue in the City of Vaughan

Improvements can include no right turns on red lights, exclusive left turn signal, pedestrian and cyclist right-of-way signage and advanced pedestrian crossing signal.  The performance of these safety measures will be measured over a period of one year to evaluate benefits and better understand the impacts on traffic flow.

Intersection Safety Pilot

  • No right turn on red signal for right turns
  • Protected left turns for traffic
  • New signs to inform drivers that turning traffic must yield to pedestrians and cyclists
  • A leading pedestrian phase (pedestrian head start) for north to south crossing on the east and west side

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What's at an Intersection? (PDF)

According to the Regional Municipality of York’s most recent statistics, more than one third of collisions are caused by acts of aggressive driving, including following too close, exceeding speed limit, speed too fast for condition, improper passing and improper lane change.

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  • More than 90% of all collisions involving pedestrians and more than 80% of all collisions involving cyclists result in injuries or fatalities
  • Pedestrians and cyclist collisions primarily occur at signalized intersections
  • About 50% of collisions with pedestrians and cyclists are caused by drivers failing to yield
  • Pedestrians and cyclist collisions involving a turning vehicle make up 62% of all collisions

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