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With many options available – carpooling, public transit, cycling, walking, telecommuting – the choice is yours! York Region, local municipalities, transportation agencies and local employers have been working to make these options possible alternatives to driving single-occupant vehicles. Join the growing movement of York Region residents who are exploring alternative and better ways to commute.

Focusing on travel options as alternatives to single-occupant vehicles is about making better and more efficient use of existing infrastructure. This approach works to redistribute the demand on the transportation network – often referred to as Transportation Demand Management (TDM) – by shifting demand to other modes of travel and away from the busiest travel periods. This helps reduce travel times, traffic congestion and vehicle emissions.

MyTrip – Residential Travel Program

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MyTrip is a program designed to help residents make informed choices that will improve their travel, making it easier to get around York Region. There are many options – carpooling, public transit, cycling, walking, telecommuting – that can make commuting more enjoyable, more cost effective and less impactful on the environment.

MyTrip is being delivered by York Region as a residential Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program available to eligible new and growing communities in York Region. Through this program we are hoping to encourage more sustainable travel options for you and your family.

MyTrip Program (2018)

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York Region together with new development communities will invite residents to participate in a MyTrip outreach event to speak with a travel ambassador about their transportation options and receive a free incentive such as a preloaded PRESTO card to get them started.

At the event, residents (unit owner) will be asked to bring identification to receive their incentive (one per household) and complete a travel survey. We look forward to making a positive impact on transportation choices in your neighbourhood!

For some frequently asked questions about transportation options, please see our MyTrip flyer.

MyTrip Pilot Program (2015 -2017)

York Region conducted an innovative pilot project to help residents in six newly developed neighbourhoods make informed decisions about their travel choices, through an individualized travel planning program. This program was unique because it focused on newly built neighbourhoods and engaged with residents as travel decisions were made to encourage the use of sustainable travel options which made commutes more enjoyable and cost effective and less impactful on the environment and the community.

Individualized travel planning involves working closely with residents to understand their travel patterns, exploring the range of options available and outlining opportunities that work best for them. Residents in the pilot neighbourhoods that are interested in trying public transit were provided with a pre-loaded PRESTO card to get them started.

MyTrip Community Travel Ambassadors engaged with residents to deliver the program during that summer, which included community events, workshops and demonstrations, individual household travel planning meetings, online tools and take-home travel planning packages.

Program Delivery and Outcomes

This program targeted approximately 10,000 households in six communities located in the City of Vaughan, City of Markham and Town of Richmond Hill. Each of the neighbourhoods were either newly completed or were soon to be completed.

The six communities that were identified to participate in the pilot program are:

  • Minto WaterGarden – City of Vaughan (condominium)
  • Nashville Heights – City of Vaughan (subdivision)
  • Patterson-Maple – City of Vaughan (subdivision)
  • Upper Unionville – City of Markham (subdivision)
  • West Gormley – Town of Richmond Hill (subdivision)
  • Xpression Condos – Town of Richmond Hill (condominium)

The program was delivered in four phases, which started in spring of 2015 and continued through to spring of 2017.

Phase 1 – Program Planning

A Technical Advisory Committee was formed and seven meetings were held between April 2015 and June 2017 to guide the project.

Phase 2 - Understanding Community Travel

The second phase focused on a Baseline Community Survey (late 2015), two focus groups (April 2016), and a baseline travel data collection program (early 2016) to understand resident travel patterns and travel needs.

Key components of this phase included:

  • Conducting a Community Survey to understand resident travel patterns and needs, and best ways to communicate and engage with residents
  • Collection of travel data to understand how, when and how frequent people travel
  • Review of travel networks and options in each community to understand the opportunities

Phase 3 – Program Delivery

Based on the findings of Phase 2, programs and materials were tailored specifically to the characteristics of each community. The programs were delivered to each community starting in May 2016 and October 2016, with the assistance of nine Community Travel Ambassadors

Phase 4 – Evaluation and Analysis

Evaluation and feedback from residents was an important part of the project. Upon completion of the pilot program in spring of 2017, a final report was produced and recommendations were explored to extend and expand the program to other communities across York Region.

A total of 930 people were engaged in the program. The majority of program participants interacted face-to-face with Community Travel Ambassadors to receive personalized transportation advice and/or a personalized travel plan. Nearly 1,000 residents were provided with program information, discussed their travel options and were able to learn more about sustainable information.

Almost 86% of respondents reported direct engagement with Community Travel Ambassadors to explore their travel options and 87% of respondents said they received at least some of these materials and indicated they were helpful. Travel behavior changes through the evaluation survey were reported as positive over the course of the program. Public transit use and carpooling increased overall and were used on a more frequent basis.

Transportation Demand
Management (TDM) Program for New Developments in York Region

For further information on the MyTrip Pilot Project, please contact

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Smart Commute - Workplace Travel Program

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Smart Commute is a workplace travel program of Metrolinx and the municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, including York Region. The Smart Commute program helps and supports employers and their employees getting from A to B explore and encourage transportation options such as walking, cycling, transit and carpooling. The aim is to reduce traffic impacts while helping commuters save time and money.

Smart Commute services include a number of services and programs including marketing, carpooling support, workplace lead training, engagement events and customized commuter projects.

If your workplace is located in York Region and is interested in learning more about membership in the program, please visit a website or contact your nearest Smart Commute office below.

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