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Finance Graduate Program

Are you a High Performing Graduate Interested in Municipal Finance?

Start your career in York Region’s Accelerated Advancement Program for Analysts (Triple A) graduate program where you can work on innovative public sector finance for a Regional municipality.

The Triple A program invests in talented and dedicated new graduates from a Master’s Program who are looking for the opportunity to start and accelerate their careers at the local level of government. This program provides invaluable experience to explore a variety of career opportunities in municipal finance.

What is the Triple A program?

The Triple A program is a paid, two-year entry-level program for aspiring public service professionals. As a program participant, associate analysts join a variety of branches/units in the Finance Department for a rotation term. These rotations provide the opportunity to obtain diversified experience in public sector finance. Triple A participants contribute to the policy development and analysis process, project management activities, and the delivery of departmental programs and services.

Next round of applications will open in September 2020.

Program participants will receive

  • A two-year opportunity work with experienced professionals who are leaders in their respective fields; this is extended to 30 months for participants in our CPA Ontario-accredited Pre-Approved Program Route
  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Personal learning and development courses
  • Skill development training courses
  • Mentorship with professionals in your chosen stream (accounting, economics or public policy)

Participants are supported by a wide network of peers, supervisors, managers, coaches, buddies, and mentors to guide and enrich professional and personal growth.

  • Active involvement with departmental events
  • Active involvement with corporate programs, including the GenNext Cabinet & TROY Toastmasters


Image of women standing outside York Region administration centre in business dress.“The Triple A program has allowed me to develop skills, knowledge and capabilities that I can without a doubt apply throughout my career. The program has helped me develop both professionally and personally through its emphasis on continuous learning and training and by allowing me to establish networks throughout the organization and work with passionate and enthusiastic individuals. Due to the rotational nature of the program, I have been able to work on a variety of exciting and interesting projects that expose me to different areas of municipal finance. I believe that the opportunities afforded to me in this program have been and will be invaluable as I continue to progress in my career.”


Image of man standing outside York Region administration centre in business dress“As a recent graduate and newcomer to the work environment I have multiple questions in mind: “How will I be able to apply what I studied? What other learning opportunities and advancements are there for me? What’s the best way to start my career?” York Region constantly gives me insights that help answer these questions and make well informed decisions as I progress in my career. The vast number of projects, growing initiatives and additional job opportunities guarantee that I use the skillset and talents I have and bring my knowledge to the team. Close interaction with upper-management allows me to present my work to highly influential decision makers and experience the significance my work has. Continuous learning provided by the Region, makes it simple to select from the large number of courses and certificates to enhance highly demanded technical skills, communication skills and organization skills, to mention a few.  Personal mentors and colleagues encourage and take part in my journey for self-development to take on and surpass challenging tasks. Networking events and close collaboration with “buddies”, mentors and colleagues always give me opportunities to connect with professionals, discuss common interests and act on new ideas. The Dragon’s Den competition and new United Way initiatives to help improve our community allow me to explore many branches in my journey to a perfect career.”


Image of women standing outside York Region administration centre in business dress“York Region provides a great opportunity to put my education to practical use. I was attracted to York Region because of their new graduate program. The program allows me to gain experience in different roles, supporting a variety of business units in a growing and vibrant Region. York Region is a progressive organization, comprised of intelligent, supportive individuals, who have made my transition into the workplace seamless. I work with a great team in an exciting and dynamic environment, taking on interesting, forward-looking assignments. In my time at the Region I have had the opportunity to develop my skills through a variety of corporate wide courses. From project management to process mapping I am able to develop new and existing skills through the courses offered by the Region. I am looking forward to my future with York Region and all of the possibilities it offers me.”


Image of man standing outside York Region administration centre in business dress“The Triple A program provides a wonderful platform for young people to gain a diverse array of skills and experiences. As a resident of York Region for more than a decade, Triple A program is a fantastic opportunity to contribute my skills in enhancing the economic and social well-being of my community. After graduating from the University of Oxford, I chose the Triple A program because of this incredible chance to serve my community. It has been a great experience in expanding my horizon in information technology, policy development and public finance. I really appreciate this chance to work with amazing people and to gain experiential learning. Through the phenomenal support and guidance from the program, my placement and mentorship, I have learned to understand the needs and interests of our stakeholders in delivering better services to our citizens.”


Image of man standing outside York Region administration centre in business dress“I have benefitted immensely from the Triple A program since joining eight months ago. In addition to the flexibility to rotate between various Finance Department branches, I have been able to benefit from invaluable direction from my mentor and managers in the pursuit of my CPA professional designation. The combination of an excellent work-life balance and concern for my professional success makes the Triple A program a particularly rewarding experience for me.”


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  • Photo of Maria Pereira, Part-Time Personal Support Worker, Community and Health Services Department


    "I enjoy working at York Region because I get to care for residents in a safe and clean environment. My part-time position also allows me to maintain a good work-life balance."


    Maria Pereira, Part-Time Personal Support Worker, Community and Health Services Department

  • Photo of Steven Currie, Full Time Primary Care Paramedic, Community and Health Services Department


    "York Region has the best EMS service in the province! I am very proud to be part of this service and organization. I love my job because every day has something new and challenging which makes me feel alive!"


    Steven Currie, Advanced Care Paramedic, Community and Health Services Department

  • Shawn Grazette Headshot

    “Since joining York Region I have had many opportunities to improve my knowledge and develop new skills. It has helped me develop my career. I take pride in helping to make the community a safer place. Thank you York Region for this opportunity!"

    Shawn Grazette, Transportation Maintenance Worker

  • Susan Wonch Headshot

    “I am proud to say that I work in the Transit Enforcement and Security team at the Regional Municipality of York.  I have been employed for over ten years and love the atmosphere.  I have always felt included and appreciated for the diversity I bring to the workplace and our team.  I work with a great group of people who continually inspire, motivate and support me.  I am grateful for all the perks and benefits that the Region has to offer, however it is the atmosphere of caring growth and family like environment that keeps me motivated and excited to come to work each day!"

    Susan Wonch, Shift Supervisor, Transit Enforcement

  • Tamas Headshot

    “Working at York Region provides me a fulfilling career with amazing growth opportunities and the satisfaction of making a positive difference in people’s lives. I am surrounded by exceptional colleagues who are supportive of one another and management that takes genuine care in the development of staff. I am a proud to be a part of an organization that truly values both its clients and employees.”

    Tamas Hertel, Program Manager, Traffic Safety

  • Minny Yu Headshot

    “What makes York Region stand out is that the people here care and care A LOT!  I’ve had the pleasure to get to know awesome colleagues who are passionate about their work and are committed in creating positive impacts on our communities. It’s a wonderful feeling coming to work and knowing I am supported and trusted by my peers every day. York Region provides an environment which people can grow, develop new skillsets, and continue to make a difference."

    Minny Yu, Research Analyst

  • TJ Headshot

    “Working for York Region allows me to hone my skills in the often challenging realm of municipal finance. As a resident of the Region, I enjoy the additional benefit of being close to the results of my work and having a more intimate understanding of the implications of the policies I contribute to. Working with a very talented and dedicated team while enjoying a stable work-life balance keeps me looking forward to coming in every day.”

    Thamjeeth Abdul Gaffoor, Revenue Policy Advisor

  • Jerry Headshot

    “I love working at the Region because I get to work with wonderful, amazing and talented people, on interesting and challenging projects, which make a difference in our community.  York Region has provided me with the tools and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally in my 14 years as an employee, and I am blessed and honoured to be an employee of this great organization!”

    Jerry Paglia, Director, Procurement Office

  • Kate Porretta Headshot

    "When I walk through the front doors of the Administrative Centre every morning, I’m not only happy to be at work, but I feel privileged and honoured to work for such a high-calibre organization – that’s full of integrity – and with such incredible people.

    Truly – how many people can say they look forward to a Monday morning? Or that when the holiday break is over, they’re excited to drop their kids off at school and return to work? I can.

    But why do I feel this way? It’s simple: I work for an organization and leaders I believe in. I support the vision of creating strong, caring and safe communities. I work with people I adore, respect and look up to. I work in a field that I love, have a background in and went to school for. My role challenges me to always strive for excellence.

    I love this job, I love the people and York Region is truly an incredible place to work."

    Kate Porretta, Communications Specialist

  • Krista South Headshot

    "I feel very grateful coming to work at York Region every day.  The staff are talented, committed and professional – they care deeply about the communities that we serve and the services we provide.  The work we lead is meaningful and challenging – what we do matters. I am proud to be a member of York Region."

    Krista South, Manager, Corporate Strategic Planning and Initiatives

  • Photo of Rosanna Agostino, Manager, Customer Service, Transportation and Community Planning Department


    "I enjoy working with a team of dedicated Customer Service professionals who are engaged in delivering high-quality customer service and public transit for the residents of York Region.  My work is always challenging and interesting."


    Rosanna Agostino, Manager, Customer Service, Transportation and Community Planning Department

  • Photo of Mike Kitagawa, HR Consultant, Corporate Services Department


    "Wow – what a great place to work!  Having worked at York Region in Human Resources for the past five years, I am constantly amazed by my co-workers and what a tremendous group of people they are. Management has provided me with opportunities to stretch myself in regards to my skills and also experience new things.  I am constantly encouraged to seek out new challenges and further develop my skillset, while being given a great amount of autonomy to get the work done.  I am supported by both a great team and a knowledgeable supervisor.  Working at the Region is both challenging and rewarding for these very reasons."


    Mike Kitagawa, HR Consultant, Corporate Services Department

  • Photo of Daanish Ahmed, Technical Specialist, Finance Department


    "Working for York Region works for me because the dynamics are interesting.  The opportunities are many. The challenges are exciting. The workforce is highly skilled. The work/life balance is refreshing."


    Daanish Ahmed, Technical Specialist, Finance Department

  • Photo of Ivy Mak,  Team Lead Revenue and Expenditure Control, Finance Department


    "Working for York Region works for me because I feel valued, respected and trusted. It is a great workplace, embracing creativity, adaption to new and changing situations/demands, and I am committed to my performance."


    Ivy Mak, Team Lead Revenue and Expenditure Control, Finance Department

  • Photo of Lenet Slater, Social Assistance Case Coordinator II, Community and Health Services Department


    "My tenure with York Region continues to be a positive and rewarding experience. I love working at York Region because it offers many opportunities for growth and development. I also get to work in a fast-paced environment that’s always changing to meet and support the needs of our clients. As our population grows and we become more diverse, York Region continues to strive in providing top customer service to our clients in a professional manner."


    Lenet Slater, Social Assistance Case Coordinator II, Community and Health Services Department

  • Photo of Raymond Yule, Lead Operator, Transportation and Community Planning Department


    "Working for York Region is an ever-changing place to work and in my role, it changes with the seasons and gives me a variety of work that lets me apply different skills. In roads operations, there is always something happening and being part of the team is fun and rewarding."


    Raymond Yule, Lead Operator, Transportation and Community Planning Department

  • Photo of Craig Virgin, Forestry Technician, Environmental Services Department


    "Working for York Region is great and working for York Region forestry is even better. As part of the forestry team, I am outside working with the environment day in and day out applying my skills and training. What excites me is what’s around the corner as the Region is always changing."


    Craig Virgin, Forestry Technician, Environmental Services Department