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Fees and Charges for Services and Activities Bylaw (includes updated Schedule A)

BYLAW NO.2010-15
A bylaw to impose fees and charges for services and activities provided by The Regional Municipality of York

WHEREAS section 391 of the Municipal Act, 2001 (the “Act”), provides that a municipality may pass by-laws imposing fees or charges on any class of persons for services or activities provided or done by it and for the use of its property;

AND WHEREAS Regional Council has from time to time enacted by-laws to impose fees and charges as provided under the Act;

AND WHEREAS it is recommended that a by-law be enacted to consolidate the fees and charges currently in force;

NOW THEREFORE, the Council of The Regional Municipality of York hereby enacts as follows:

1. Every person making a request for a service or an activity described in Column A of Schedule “A” attached shall pay to the Regional Corporation the fee set out in Column 3 of Schedule “A” opposite such service or activity.

2. The fees and charges set out in Schedule “A” shall be adjusted on January 1 of each year in accordance with the annual Consumer Price Index and the fees and charges so adjusted shall be rounded up to:

(a) the nearest dollar where the fee is less than $100;

(b) the nearest $10 where the fee is $100 or more but less than $1,000; and

(c) the nearest $100 where the fee is $1,000 or more.

3. The Commissioner of Finance or designate is hereby authorized to amend the attached Schedule “A” from time to time as new fees and charges are approved by Regional Council and as adjustments are made under section 2 of this by-law.

4. Schedule “A” attached shall form part of this by-law.

5. The following by-laws are hereby repealed:

(a) By-law No. A-226-97-88;

(b) By-law No. A-0297-2001-095;

(c) By-law No. A-0373-2005-108;

(d) By-law No. A-0376-2006-013;

(e) By-law No. A-0380-2006-049;

(f) By-law No. A-0373(a)-2007-073;

(g) By-law No. A-0393-2007-091;

(h) By-law No. 2008-58;

(i) By-law No. 2008-67; and

(j) By-law No. 2010-1.

ENACTED AND PASSED this 18th day of February, 2010.

Denis Kelly, Regional Clerk

Bill Fisch, Regional Chair

[SCHEDULE A - effective January 2, 2019]

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