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Audit Committee


[Notice of Meeting]


Regional Clerk's Office
Corporate Services Department


Audit Committee


June 8, 2016
9:00 a.m.
Committee Room A
York Region Administrative Centre
17250 Yonge Street
Newmarket, Ontario
Quorum: 3

[Accessible formats or communication supports are available upon request
Contact: Regional Clerk’s Office,, 18774649675 extension 71320]


A. Disclosures of Interest


B. Presentations


B.1 KPMG Audit Findings Report


Kevin Travers, Partner, KPMG LLP

(Please refer to Item C.1)


B.2 2015 Financial Statements


Warren Marshall, Director, Controllership Office

(Please refer to item D.1)


C. Communications


[Click on the titles of the following Communications to view them]


C.1 Audit Findings Report for the Year Ended December 31, 2015


KPMG LLP dated May 11, 2016

Recommendation: Receive


C.2 Consulting Assignment, York Region Rapid Transit Corporation


Paul Duggan, Director of Audit Services dated May 18, 2016

Recommendation: Receive


D. Reports


[Click on the titles of the following Reports to view them]


D.1 2015 Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report


D.2 Audit Services Branch Report


E. Other Business


F. Private Session


Motion to resolve into Private Session to consider the following:


F.1 Private Attachments to Item D.2 - Tables C and D - Audit Services Branch Report - Security of Regional Property


G. Public Session


Motion to reconvene in Public Session

Adoption of recommendations from Private Session


H. Adjournment




Audit Committee,agenda The Regional Municipality of York en-US Audit Committee Audit Committee Agenda June 8 2016

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