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[Notice of Meeting]

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The Council of
The Regional Municipality of York
Revised Agenda


September 21, 2017
9:00 a.m.
Council Chambers
York Region Administrative Centre
17250 Yonge Street
Newmarket, Ontario

Quorum: 11

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Contact: Regional Clerk’s Office,, 18774649675 extension 71320]

A. Opening Remarks


B. Disclosures of Interest


C. Minutes of Council

C.1 Council Meeting held on June 29, 2017


D. Presentations


D.1 Toronto Pearson International Airport Update


Michelle Samson-Doel - Board Member representing York Region and Lorrie McKee - Director of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations, Greater Toronto Airports Authority


D.2 Municipal Court Managers Association of Ontario Award


Award Presentation to Lisa Brooks, Director, Court Operations, Legal and Court Services


E. Deputations


(Subject to Council granting deputant status.)




F. Communications


[Click on the titles of the following Communications to view them]

F.1 Character Community Week


Karen Addison, Executive Director, Character Community Foundation of York Region

Recommendation: Council recognize the week of October 23 to 28, 2017 as 'Character Community Week'


F.2 Public Health within an Integrated Health System: Report of the Minister's Expert Panel on Public Health


Katherine Chislett, Commissioner, Community and Health Services and Dr. Karim Kurji, Medical Officer of Health dated September 12, 2017

Recommendation: Receive


F.3 Regional Municipality of York – 2017 Credit Rating Update 

Bill Hughes, Commissioner of Finance and Regional Treasurer dated September 21, 2017

Recommendation: Receive

F.4 Federal and Provincial Funding Opportunities: 2017 Update


Bill Hughes, Commissioner of Finance dated September 21, 2017

Recommendation: Receive


Fernando Lamanna, Municipal Clerk, Town of East Gwillimbury dated September 20, 2017

Recommendation: Receive

Please note: On May 25, 2017, Council approved the installation of traffic lights at this intersection. A two thirds majority vote to reconsider this matter is required before any further review of this decision.

G. Consideration and Adoption of Reports


[Click on the title of the following Report to view it]

G.1 Report No. 12 of the Committee of the Whole - September 7, 2017


H. Introduction and Consideration of Bylaws


H.1 Highway 7 - Land Acquisition for Bus Rapid Transit Corridor


Being a bylaw to acquire certain lands for or in connection with the construction of the Viva Bus Rapid Transit Corridor along Highway 7, City of Vaughan


H.2 Municipal Capital Facilities - Markham Interchurch Committee for Affordable Housing


Being a bylaw to authorize the entering into municipal housing project facilities agreements for the provision of affordable housing


H.3 Establish Public Highway - Weston Road, City of Vaughan


Being a bylaw to establish public highway


H.4 Amendment to Parking / No Stopping Bylaw


Being a bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 2017-37 to prohibit or regulate parking and stopping on regional roads


H.5 Establish Lands as a Public Highway, City of Vaughan


Being a bylaw to establish lands as a public highway. Part of Lot 6, Concession 7 (Vaughan), designated as Parts 2 and 6 on Expropriation Plan YR2461566, City of Vaughan


H.6 Appointment of Deputy Treasurers


Being a bylaw to amend Bylaw No. 2011-18 - To appoint Deputy Treasurers


H.7 Restricting Right Turns on Red, City of Markham, Town of Richmond Hill, City of Vaughan

To restrict right turns on red at signalized intersections on certain Regional Roads

I. Motions


I.1 Housing York Inc. Board - Membership Increase


Whereas the Articles of Arrangement of Housing York Inc. (the “Corporation”) provide that the Corporation shall have a minimum of two (2) directors and a maximum of thirteen (13) directors; and,

Whereas by special resolution dated January 22, 2015 the sole shareholder of the Corporation fixed the number of directors of the Corporation at ten (10);

Be it Resolved that:

By special resolution the number of directors comprising the Board of Directors of the Corporation is fixed at eleven (11).


J. Notice of Motion


K. Other Business


[Click to view the Calendar]

K.1 2018 Council and Committee Meeting Calendar [as presented to Council]


[UPDATED 2018 Calendar, including any additions and cancellations]


L. Private Session


Motion to resolve into Private Session to consider the following:


L.1 2017 Development Charge Bylaw Appeals - Solicitor-Client Privilege


L.2 Expropriation Settlement - Major Mackenzie Drive from Canadian Pacific Railway Crossing to Islington Avenue, City of Vaughan - Land Acquisition

L.3 Ontario Nurses' Association Negotiations Mandate - Labour Relations

M. Public Session


Motion to reconvene in Public Session


Adoption of recommendations from Private Session


N. Confirmatory Bylaw


Introduction of Bylaw to confirm the proceedings of Council at this meeting


O. Adjournment




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