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Table of Contents


Table of Contents


Committee Reports for Consideration by Regional Council 
on June 23, 2016

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Committee of the Whole Report No. 10


1  Disclosure of Interest - Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Wetland Collaborative Update

2  Deputation – Lake Simcoe Georgian Bay Wetland Collaborative Update


Transportation Services


3  Communications – Transportation Services

4  2016 Transportation Master Plan Update

5  Regional Express Rail Update

6  Award of Contract P-16-35 Pavement Condition Data Collection/ Processing and Collection of Right-of-Way Images

7  Consultant Services Fee for Additional Scope of Work for Detailed Design of Keele Street from Steeles Avenue to Highway 7, City of Vaughan

8  Award of Contract for the Supply of Digital Two-Way Radios for the Regional Fleet

9  All-Way Stop Control – Intersection of Dalton Road and Baseline Road, Town of Georgina

10  PRESTO Operating Agreement Renewal Update


Environmental Services


11  Communications – Environmental Services

12  2016 Water and Wastewater Master Plan Update

13  Contingency Waste Disposal Strategy

14  University of Toronto Drinking Water Research Group – Partnership Renewal to Support Research and Innovation

15  Source Protection Committee Membership and Alternate Risk Management Official Appointment


Community and Health Services


16  Communications – Community and Health Services

17  10-Year Housing Plan 2015 Progress Report

18  Social Housing Electricity Efficiency Program Participation

19  Family Strengthening Programs – Updates/Changes

20  Purchase Agreement Approvals for Paramedic Services

21  Donation of Paramedic Services Decommissioned Ambulances for 2016


Committee of the Whole Report No. 11


1  Disclosure of Interest - Amendment No. 137 to the Whitchurch-Stouffville Official Plan


Planning and Economic Development


2  Communications – Planning and Economic Development

3  Economic Development Marketing and Communications Strategy

4  York Region Broadband Strategy Annual Update

5  York Telecom Network Governance Review

6  Amendment No. 137 to the Whitchurch-Stouffville Official Plan

7  2016 Draft Policy Amendments to the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, Greenbelt Plan and Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan

8  Report No. 5 - Broadband Strategy Advisory Task Force


Finance and Administration


9  Deputation – Finance and Administration

10  Communications – Finance and Administration

11  Federal and Provincial Infrastructure Funding Opportunities

12  Status of 2017 Development Charges Bylaw Update

13  Mid-Year Capital Reprofiling

14  Property Taxes on The Regional Municipality of York Police Services Board’s Leased Properties

15  2016 Nobleton Community Development Charge Bylaw Update and Draft Background Study - Township of King

16  Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation Loan for the City of Vaughan

17  Licensing, Hosting, Maintenance and Related Services for eProcurement

18  2015 to 2019 Strategic Plan Year 1 (2015) Progress Report

19  Delegation of Authority to York Region Rapid Transit Corporation

20  Court Services Annual Report 2015

21  Approval to Expropriate - Viva Bus Rapid Transit Corridor - Yonge Street from Sawmill Valley Drive/Savage Road to Davis Drive - Town of Newmarket

22  Approval to Expropriate - Yonge Street from Davis Drive to Green Lane - Town of Newmarket and Town of East Gwillimbury

23  Compensation for Expropriation - 9770 Highway 27 – City of Vaughan

24  Compensation for Expropriation - Viva Bus Rapid Transit Corridor - Highway 7 West from Pine Valley Drive to west of Bruce Street - City of Vaughan

25  Expropriation of Land - 15195 Leslie Street - Town of Aurora

26  Expropriation of Land - Major Mackenzie Drive from Highway 50 to Highway 427 Interchange - City of Vaughan

27  Land Lease at 7690 Martin Grove Road, City of Vaughan

28  Lease Extension at 520 Cane Parkway, Town of Newmarket



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