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York Region is currently reviewing and updating its Official Plan. The Official Plan describes how the Region plans to accommodate future growth and development while meeting the needs of existing residents and businesses in the Region. An important part of this process is understanding what our residents and citizens envision for the future - for this we need YOUR input!

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Planning for Employment Public Information Session

York Region’s vibrant economy is forecast to grow to approximately 2.02 million people and 990,000 jobs by 2051. We want York Region to be a place where businesses choose to locate that continues to offer high quality job opportunities for our residents. This will increase economic stability for the entire community and raise the overall standard of living.

Watch a Planning for Employment webinar from June 16, 2020.

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The Municipal Comprehensive Review process began in 2017 and will inform the Regional Official Plan update. Key reports that have already been issued on employment planning can be found here:

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Agricultural and Natural Heritage Systems Public Engagement

Did you know that 69% of the land in York Region is within the Oak Ridges Moraine and Greenbelt? The majority of these lands are protected from urban development by Provincial policy. These lands include parts of the provincial Natural Heritage System and Agricultural System. Together these two systems protect and enhance the natural environment and support agricultural production. As York Region’s population grows from approximately 1.2 million residents to an estimated 2.02 million by 2051, it is important that we ensure these lands are protected for future generations.

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