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Municipal Consent to Move or Install Utilities

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Municipal Consent gives companies permission to install or move utilities. It is also needed whenever a road needs to be excavated.

Companies must have drawings that show where the utility will be placed. These drawings need to be included with the application.

If a utility needs to be moved after work has already begun, all work must stop. York Region needs to approve the new location of the utility before work can continue.


Municipal consent will only be given to:

  • Utility companies
  • Commissions
  • Agencies
  • Municipalities
  • Private applicants who have a Municipal Access Agreement with York Region

How to Apply

If a project involves work at more than one location, send us a separate application for each location.

Please apply at least 30 days before the planned start date of the work. The official application date is the date that York Region receives the application.

Click here to complete an application

Emergency Work

Emergency work can be done before getting municipal consent. Roads Dispatch must be notified before work begins. It is an emergency if health, safety or delivery of essential services is at risk.

Roads Dispatch: 1-877-464-9675 Ext. 75200

You will still need to complete an application in the event of an emergency. Please apply using the same steps as above. Applications must be sent the next business day.

Application Drawing Requirements

All drawings must:

    1. Be accurate
    2. Be in metric
    3. Use one of the following scales:
      a. For low density utility– 1:500 Horizontal (plan), 1:100 Vertical (profile)
    4. b. For high density utility – 1:200 Horizontal (plan), 1:100 Vertical (profile)
    5. Be no larger than 1.50m x 0.75m
    6. Show utility depths based on geodetic elevations
    7. Be in greyscale
    8. Have distinct linetypes that make it easy to distinguish between types of proposed utility
    9. Be signed and sealed by a professional engineer (when required by the Professional Engineers of Ontario)
    10. Be cleared by all other utilities, agencies and commissions that could be affected by the work (if requested by the Region)

Details to include:

    1. An arrow that shows which direction is north
    2. A legend
    3. The drawing's scale
    4. Street names for all streets
    5. Property and building numbers for all properties and buildings
    6. 911 address (if known)
    7. Lot, concession and township information
    8. Property lines, right-of-way limits and easement limits
    9. Description, location and dimensions of proposed utility

If any of these features are present along the road, they must be included in the drawing:

    1. Driveways
    2. Pavement or curbs along the road
    3. Guide rails or cables
    4. Sidewalks
    5. Fencing
    6. Mature trees and their dripline
    7. Ditches and their depth
    8. Existing utilities that may be affected by the work
    9. Above or below-ground structures that may be affected by the work

Standard Utility Corridor Drawings

Standard Utility Offsets on Regional Roads

York Region Standard Utility Offsets and Depths (Cross Section)

Review and Approval

York Region reviews applications as quickly as possible. Please make sure that your application is complete. Incomplete applications will be sent back.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will send it back to you. If it is approved, you can start work as planned. If it is not approved, York Region will let you know what needs to be changed.


The cost is based on existing agreements and/or applicable fees. For more information please contact us.

Email inquiries to:



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