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Residents and businesses in York Region need to be aware that permits are required for many activities in the area, such as cutting trees, putting up signs and making changes to properties adjacent to Regional roads. In some cases, municipal consent may also be required. Contractors should be aware that any work done for York Region requires an insurance certificate. And always call before you dig!

Everyone is required to have buried utilities located and marked before doing any digging on private or public property.

Municipal Consent gives companies permission to install or move utilities. It is also needed any time the road needs to be excavated.

Open Roads program ensures that lanes remain open as much as possible.

Permits are needed before doing some types of work or placing signs on or beside Regional roads. Find out how to apply for road sign and road use permits.

Permits are required to release water and waste into sanitary and storm sewer systems based on the Sewer Use Bylaw. The bylaw protects our sewers, employees and the environment. Permits are required by residents and businesses.

Land developers may require a section 59 Notice when submitting applications to local municipalities to ensure drinking water remains safe.

Before planning an event, ensure that the Organizer Application and Vendor Application forms are submitted to York Region

A permit is required before removing trees from some types of property in York Region. Find out if you need a permit, and how to apply.

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