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Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Strategy

York Region is home to a vibrant agriculture and agri-food sector that contributes to our economic vitality and unique agricultural history. Supporting this sector is a key priority for York Regional Council.

The Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Strategy is an action plan that was endorsed by York Regional Council in 2017. The strategy aims to understand the sector’s current strengths, opportunities and challenges and ensure that agriculture remains a strong and viable sector in York Region.

It was developed in collaboration with local municipalities and the York Region Agricultural Advisory Liaison Group, a committee that provides advice to Council on the protection and promotion of agriculture and farming in York Region.

With five strategic goal areas accompanied by 45 recommended actions, the strategy is an ambitious framework designed to achieve results, and outlines York Region’s commitment to the sector.

View the Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Strategy – Executive Summary

Did you know?

  • In 2016 the agriculture and agri-food sector contributed $2.7 billion to York Region’s GDP and over $6 billion in broader economic impact
  • There are 712 farms and more than 270 food and beverage processors in York Region
  • Corn, soybeans and wheat are the largest field crops produced in York Region, covering over 64,000 acres of production.
  • York Region represents 16 per cent of all farming land in the Golden Horseshoe

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agriculture,agri-food,farming,strategy The Regional Municipality of York en-US Tractor harvesting a crop in a field. Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Strategy The Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector Strategy provides direction for the long-term growth of the sector and guides policy development and initiatives.

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