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Energy Reporting

York Region is committed to creating sustainable communities through leadership in energy efficiency, using renewable and alternative energy systems. The initiatives outlined in the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan Update document steps taken and the path forward to achieving zero greenhouse gases (GHG) by the year 2051.

Energy reducing initiatives York Region has accomplished include:

  • LEED® Silver accreditation for 17 new buildings, over and above the Ontario Building Code requirements
  • Continuous improvements to existing facilities through retrofits, improved operations and monitoring
  • Use of ground and solar energy for water and air heating, including energy recovery from wastewater

Reporting and Data

As part of the Conservation & Demand Management Plan, York Region reports to the Ministry of Energy every five years on the status of energy management commitments, achievements and lessons learned. The next report is scheduled for 2019.

York Region also annually reports energy use to the Province of Ontario as defined in the Green Energy Act and Ontario Regulation 397/11. This includes office buildings, water and wastewater treatment, police stations, health centres, transit garages and paramedic response stations (EMS). 

Energy Reporting Dashboard

Energy use in the dashboard is displayed in the following units: electricity (kWh), natural gas (m3), propane (L), greenhouse gases (kg CO2 equivalent).

Note: Reporting is completed only on facilities required under the Province of Ontario Regulation 397/11. Increases seen in the total energy and GHG emissions view (the default view) can be attributed to the fact that new buildings are being added every year.

Accessible formats or communication supports are available upon request.

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documents,plans,energy,conservation,sustainable,future,renewable The Regional Municipality of York en-US Regional Energy Reporting Group Page Image Energy Reporting York Region has long recognized its responsibilities under the Green Energy Act. The Region has produced a number of documents giving guidance to energy stewardship and sustainable living.

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