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Vision 2051

Vision 2051 is York Region's latest long-term strategy.  It describes the Region’s ideal vision of the next 40 years and describes the necessary steps to see it through.

Help shape York Region's Vision for the future. Vision is York Region's blueprint for the future. It establishes the Region's long term vision and sets the foundation for all Regional strategies and initiatives. It provides guidance to Regional Council in making decisions that work toward achieving the kind of community York Region residents want to live in.

Vision 2051 describes a York Region that:

  • Is a place where everyone can thrive
  • Is made up of livable cities and complete communities
  • Has a resilient natural environment and agricultural system
  • Has appropriate housing for all ages and stages
  • Has an innovation economy
  • Has interconnected systems for mobility
  • Promotes living sustainably
  • Has open and responsive governance

These eight goal areas set priorities that will help guide York Region’s decision-makers over the next 40 years.

Vision 2051 advances our efforts on sustainability, fosters the health and well-being of residents and the livability of communities. It is through the bold and innovative actions described in Vision 2051 that York Region will continue to develop strong, caring and safe communities.

Developing Vision 2051

Vision 2051 was created with the input of the community. The Region encouraged stakeholders to share information, exchange ideas, generate discussion and ask important questions about York Region's future. The feedback was used to create the final Vision 2051 document.


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Publications,planning,strategy,goals,vision,long term The Regional Municipality of York en-US Vision 2051 Vision 2051 Vision 2051 is York Region's latest long-term strategy. It describes The Region’s vision of the next 40 years and the steps to achieve it.

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