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Community Data Resources

York Region’s communities are constantly changing. The Regional Municipality of York has created many resources to describe the changes taking place and that provide demographic and socio-economic information about our communities. These resources are based on data collected by Statistics Canada as well as other community data sources such as the Early Development Instrument (EDI). The Regional Municipality of York and community organizations use the information to:

  • Plan local programs and services
  • Understand and assess community needs
  • Understand and respond to demographic trends

Community Partners

The creation of Community Data Resources is made possible through partnerships between various government agencies and community organizations.

The York Region Data Consortium purchases socio-economic and demographic data to give residents and community organizations access to social data and analyses. The Consortium is chaired by Michelynn Laflèche, Vice President of Strategy, Research & Policy at United Way Greater Toronto.

The members of the York Region Data Consortium include:

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