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Open Data

This is the public platform for exploring and downloading open data, discovering and building apps, and engaging to solve important local issues in York Region. You can analyze and combine Open datasets using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. Let's make our great community even better, together!

Access the York Region open data catalog through the categories below:


Open data has many options for educators to help you in creating course or project content and provides a great resources for those just looking for information. If you are in need of local, reliable information explore the open data catalog.


Want to learn more about York Region? Interested in knowing what sort of data York Region has for you? Open data provides you with maps and applications to discover things you may not have known.


York Region provides many services for consultants working for or within the region. Whether you are looking to download data or get in contact with the open data team directly the open data catalog has what you need.

Fact Finder

As a fact finder, Open data provides you with access to large catalogue of free data and analytics applications. Map viewers are available to see where things are and analytics have been created to tell stories with information. Data is always available to download.

Local Leader

Are you leading a local group? Are you looking for information or data to better understand your community? Open data provides local leaders with a large amount of data freely available to download along with a diverse arrangement of analytics products to see what stories the data can tell.


Interested in local information? Want to know what is in York Region? Open data provides many resources to get you the information or raw data you may need. Demographics and address data are just a few examples of the datasets freely and readily available!

Non-Government Organizations

Open data serves local non-government organizations by providing a platform to download and visualize data products. Interested in creating an insightful application as part of a grant submission? Look no further and explore the open data catalog.

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Open Data,License,terms of use The Regional Municipality of York en-US Open Data Open Data Open Data is information and mapping data about York Region that is available to be used freely and flexibly by the public, with only a few conditions.

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