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Transportation Fact Book

The Transportation Fact Book (Fact Book) was created to provide general information and statistics about the transportation system in York Region. It highlights road and public transit infrastructure and commuter support services and programs available in the Region that are built and maintained by York Region or in partnership with other municipalities or agencies in the Greater Toronto Area. The Fact Book is also a tool and information resource for internal and external stakeholders. It includes:

  • An overview of York Region’s transportation system and provides the context for monitoring the performance of system components
  • Information for Regional Council, senior management, Regional staff and the public on transportation services and programs available
  • An overview of policy, data collection and analysis methods used by the Region

The Fact Book is updated every two years and contains information and statistics about the transportation system in the Region. The two latest editions of the Fact Book are available to view or download in the links below.

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Transportation Fact Book (2015) NEW

Figure 2 - Road Jurisdiction

Figure 3 - Number of Lanes on Regional Roads

Figure 4 - 10-Year Roads Construction Program

Figure 5 - Completed Road Projects 2005-2014

Figure 8 - Railway Crossings

Figure 9 - York Region Speed Zones

Figure 10 - Traffic Count Locations

Figure 11 - Top 10 Highest Traffic Volume Locations

Figure 12 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic

Figure 13 - Truck Volumes on Regional Roads

Figure 15 - Top 10 Highest Truck Percentage Locations

Figure 16 - 2014 MTO Travel Time Study

Figure 22 - York Region Red Light Cameras

Figure 34 - Public Transit in York Region

Figure 40 - YRT/Viva Routes Average Daily Ridership

Figure 41 - Top 10 Highest Transit Passenger Loading Locations

Figure 42 - Viva System Map

Figure 43 - Viva Expansion Plan Map

Figure 44 - vivaNext Projects

Figure 45 - Sidewalks Along Regional Roads

Figure 46 - Top 10 Intersections 'Pedestrian Crossings'

Figure 47 - Cycling Facilities Added in 2014

Figure 48 - Lake to Lake Cycling Route and Walking Trail

Figure 49 - Smart Commute

Figure 50 - Carpool Commuter Parking Lots

Figure 57 - Traffic Volume Change in A.M. Peak Period Traffic Flow Between 2011 and 2014

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