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Active Tools for Schools Checklist A checklist to help identify the strengths and needs of your school in the area of physical activity promotion.
Active Tools for Schools Guide A resource that breaks down the broad concept of physical activity into nine elements and provides easy access to user-friendly resources that promote increased levels of physical activity at your school.
Activity-STIs and types of sexual activity This small group activity geared to grades 7 to 12 students will support students’ learning about the benefits and physical, social and emotional risks of various types of sexual activities
Curriculum support for family studies Curriculum support resource for family studies teachers
Decision Making and Contraception Students will learn about sexual health and safety including sexual consent, contraceptive methods and effectiveness as well as prevention of STIs
Dental Health Resources for Schools Resources and links related dental health, for teachers and administrators
First Nations, Métis and Inuit Tobacco Resource List for Schools Resources and links for teachers and administrators on tobacco use prevention
Food Safety Resources for Schools Food safety related resources and links for teachers and administrators
General Signs of substance use and addiction in teens Some signs to look for in your teenager if you suspect they have a substance use problem
Healthy Relationship Activity - Snowball This Snowball activity is a fun way for students in grades 7 to 12 to discuss healthy relationships while strengthening their understanding of the skills and strategies needed to build healthy social and intimate relationships