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Active TB Screening Checklist for Clinicians Checklist for active TB screening for clinicians screening residents for TB prior to admission at long-term home/retirement home in York Region.
Cleaning Checklist for Ill Resident Rooms During an Outbreak Cleaning Checklist for Ill Resident Rooms During an Outbreak
Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI) Management in Facilities Information on assessment, infection prevention and control measures and environmental cleaning
Contact Precautions Sign Contact Precautions Sign
Control Measures Assessment Form for Outbreaks in LTCHs and RHs This form is to be completed once an outbreak is declared and returned to the Public Health Inspector
Droplet Precautions Sign Droplet Precautions Sign
Enteric Outbreak Control Measures Enteric Outbreak Control Measures - Information Package for Institutions
Enteric Outbreak Line Listing - Staff Data Enteric Outbreak Line Listing for Staff Data
Form - Immigration Medical Surveillance Reporting Form Medical form to be completed by health care provider for individuals on immigration medical surveillance.
Form - Progress Report and Medication Reconciliation Medical form to be completed by treating health care provider for persons on treatment of TB disease.