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Apartment and Condo Waste

Get Recycling Resources for Your Building

Building managers, superintendents, or tenants can take advantage of many waste diversion programs that help create community and support reuse and recycling efforts. Together, we can reduce the amount of waste going to disposal through reuse and recycling initiatives.

Waste is collected from your building by your local town or city.

Waste Posters

Ensure recycling and organics are sorted properly by using posters for waste and chute rooms.

Posters are available to download and print, in English, Chinese (simplified), Farsi, Italian and Russian

For buildings with green bin / organics collection:

For buildings with no green bin / organics collection:

Large Recycling Bins

Building owners and property managers can contact the local town or city to get additional large (95 gallon) recycling bins for waste rooms.

Start a Recycling and Reuse Program in Your Building

Start a recycling and reuse program in your building to keep recyclable items out of landfills.

Set up tables, shelves and bins in your common area or waste room for swap tables.

Do-It-Yourself Recycling and Reuse Programs

Swap Tables

Set up a table or shelf display to allow tenants to drop off items for others to pick up and reuse. If you don’t have a permanent spot for a table then try seasonal or monthly swaps or try using a bulletin board to post items to swap.

Download posters, flyers and ads for your swap.

Textiles (clothing, bedding and more)

Most used clothing, bedding, shoes, towels and other textiles can be reused or repurposed – even if they are torn or in poor condition as long as they are clean dry and odourless.  

Contact your local town, city or charity to get a bin in your building.

Electronic Waste (E-waste)

E-waste contains valuable materials such as gold, silver and platinum that can be recovered and recycled into new products. Recovered materials including precious metals, glass, cables and wires are reused to make new products.

Collected electronics can be brought to York Region’s Waste Depot (limits apply)  or electronic drop-off locations.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Household hazardous waste includes items such as batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs and unused paint, cleaners and pharmaceuticals.

  • Take back your unused and expired medication and sharps to your local participating pharmacy for proper disposal
  • HHW can be brought to a HHW depot or drop-off location (limits may apply)

Alcohol Containers

Start collecting empty alcohol containers and use the proceeds from the returns for building needs or social events.

Empty containers can be dropped off at your local Beer Store.

Mailroom Recycling and Waste

Place recycling and garbage bins by the mailboxes to collect unwanted flyers, paper and envelopes in the recycling and plastic magazine and newspaper bags in the garbage.

Work Together

Enlist the help of tenants to keep the waste room neat and tidy and keep recyclable and reusable items sorted properly.

Bindicator to the Rescue

Still not sure where your waste goes? Try Bindicator – York Region’s online waste directory.

Bindicator is also available in the free York Region app, available in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Need help getting started?

Find out more about local recycling, reuse and waste programs by contacting your town or city.

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Waste Collection in Your Building

Waste is collected from your building by your local town or city and is processed by York Region.

Contact your local town or city for all collection inquiries.

Accepted recyclables list

Accepted organics list

Still not sure where your waste goes? Try Bindicator.

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Waste and Recycling Tips

  • Place recycling loose into a recycling container or chute. Do not place recycling in a plastic bag.
  • Reduce food waste and save money — check out York Region’s Good Food Program for tips on reducing food waste
  • Recycle large, clean polystyrene (foam packaging) at a York Region Community Environmental Centre — visit for hours of operation, locations and a list of acceptable items
  • Foam meat trays, plates, cups, packing peanuts and take-out containers should be placed in the garbage
  • Keep plastic lids on bottles and place in recycling; remove metal lids and place separately in recycling
  • Not all plastics are recyclable; toothbrushes and cutlery (of any kind)  are not recyclable and should be placed in the garbage

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