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Mobile Drinking Water Trailer

Tap’d In is a mobile drinking water trailer available for use at public events in York Region. The Tap’d In trailer comes to your event filled with clean, refreshing municipal drinking water.

Water is delivered to guests from:

  • Eight drinking fountains
  • Eight water bottle filling taps
  • One self-filling dog bowls
  • One wheelchair accessible drinking tap
  • Two taps with steps designed for small children

The trailer also has solar powered lighting for evening events.

In some cases the trailer will need to be filled on site. York Region will co-ordinate with event organizers to arrange for a municipal water connection when applicable.


The Tap’d In mobile drinking water trailer is free for events that meet the eligibility requirements.


Thank you for your interest in York Region's Tap'd In Mobile, mobile drinking water trailer. For your event to be considered, it must:

  • Be public and have at least 500 people attending
  • Be a minimum of four hours in length
  • Have suitable access for the delivery, set up and pick up of the trailer – a site visit may be required for confirmation
  • A level surface for parking the trailer
  • Take place in York Region between May 1 and September 30 (Please note the Tap’d In mobile water trailer is not available for events on statutory or civic holidays)
  • Bottled water must not be sold or handed out at the event
  • Registration must be received a minimum of three weeks in advance of the event to be considered
  • Be a single-day event

Note: All events submitted are reviewed for consideration. Even if the event does not meet the above criteria, feel free to complete a Tap’d In Application Form. Based on availability, exceptions may be made for events that meet our mandate.

Along with Tap’d In, York Region may also bring a tent/table/display with Environmental Services materials to the event to promote environmental initiatives.

Events will only be confirmed once York Region can confirm staff availability on the requested date. Confirmations will be sent out up to 30 days before the event, where possible.

Due to the volume of requests received, York Region cannot guarantee attendance at every event.

How to Register

  1. Fill out the Tap’d In Mobile Drinking Water Trailer Application Form
  2. Work with York Region to arrange for use of a municipal water connection (if applicable)
  3. Choose one staff member who will coordinate with York Region staff on the day of the event
  4. Once confirmed, promote Tap’d In mobile’s attendance and encourage event guests to bring refillable bottles to your event



Mobile,drinking water,trailer,event,request drinking water station The Regional Municipality of York en-US Tap'd In Mobile Water Trailer Mobile Drinking Water Trailer Tap’d In is a mobile drinking water trailer for public events in York Region. The Tap’d In trailer delivers clean, refreshing municipal drinking water.

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