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Report Street Lamp Outage

York Region operates and maintains the street lights at intersections on Regional roads. Each street lamp owned by York Region has a unique identification tag. These tags are numbered and have the York Region logo on them.

A white rectangular identification tag with the York Region logo in the upper left corner, a bar code in the lower left and a four digit number on the right.

Street lamps on local roads and between intersections on Regional roads are maintained by local municipalities.

Anyone who sees a street light that is burned out should inform York Region. The closest intersection and/or house number are needed so York Region can find out who is responsible for fixing the street light.

It is important to replace street lamps as soon as they burn out. The light helps drivers see pedestrians, cyclists, animals and other vehicles when driving in the dark.

Report an Outage

To report a street lamp outage please contact us at:

Phone: 905-830-4444 Ext. 75200
Toll free: 1-877-464-9675 Ext. 75200

Be sure to provide the tag identification number and the closest intersection.


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