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Slow Down

Speeding, speeding can cost you a lot more than points, slow down graphic banner.

According to the Regional Municipality of York’s most recent statistics, more than one third of collisions are cuased by acts of aggressive driving, including following too close, exceeding speed limit, speed too fast for condition, improper passing and improper lane change.

Our Goal

As the Region continues to grow, the number of travellers will increase and more travellers will rely on York Region’s transportation system.  Our goal is to assist in the safe and efficient movement of goods and people between urban and rural areas and to ensure our roads are maintained and improved regularly. 

Our Strategy

York Region will continue to ensure regional roads are built, maintained, improved and provide safe and efficient transportation for all road users.  Public education will be an important component of this strategy and we have identified specific times throughout the year where public education campaigns will be launched with our partners.

Slow Down Campaign

To help reduce speeding and improve safety on York Regional roads, an educational campaign targeting motorists will be launched in conjunction with National Road Safety Week – May 14 to 20, 2019. 

The campaign will launch in May and will continue throughout the year at specific times. We want to remind motorists that collisions happen fast and that speeding can cost a lot more than points.


slow down,stop speeding The Regional Municipality of York en-US Speeding Slow Down Slow Down Campaign for Drivers to help reduce speeding and improve safety on York Regional roads.

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