The Regional Municipality Of York


2018 Agendas, Minutes and Reports



Committee of the Whole

Accessibility Advisory Committee


Audit Committee


Housing York Inc.


Human Services Planning Board of York Region


Planning Advisory Committee


York Region Rapid Transit Corporation Board of Directors

YTN Telecom Network Board of Directors

Separate Reports

  • Commissioner of Community and Health Services
    • Report 1, June 12 - Inclusion Charter for York Region  
  • Commissioner of Corporate Services and Chief Planner
    • Report 1, January 11 - Proposed Inclusionary Zoning Regulation Content EBR Posting 013-1977
  • Commissioner of Corporate Services and Regional Clerk
    • Report 1, September 11 - Updating the Procedure Bylaw to Accommodate the Appointment of the Regional Chair 
  •  Commissioner of Environmental Services
    • Report 1, October 25 - Resolution to Expand Mandatory Waste Diversion Programs and Increase Waste Diversion Capacity 
  • Commissioner of Finance
    • Report 1, March 22 - 2017 Statement of Remuneration and Expenses for Members of Council and Local Board Appointees
  • Commissioner of Transportation Services
    • Report 1, September 18 - York Region Transit Cross-Boundary Travel and Greater Toronto Hamilton Fare Integration 


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