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Committee of the Whole


The Regional Municipality of York


Report No. 17
of the Committee of the Whole
Meeting Held on November 30, 2017


For Consideration by
The Council of The Regional Municipality of York
on December 14, 2017

[Accessible formats or communication supports are available upon request
Contact: Regional Clerk’s Office,, 18774649675 extension 71320]


The Committee of the Whole meeting was called to order at 9 a.m. on November 30, 2017 with Regional Chair Emmerson in the chair.


The following were also in attendance:


J. Altmann, D. Barrow, M. Bevilacqua, N. Davison, G. Dawe, M. Ferri, V. Hackson, J. Heath, B. Hogg, J. Jones, J. Li, M. Quirk, G. Rosati, S. Singh, V. Spatafora, J. Taylor, T. Van Bynen


D. Albers, D. Basso, L. Bradley, T. Burley, P. Casey, M. Cheong,   K. Chislett, L. Cugalj, B. Hughes, J. Hulton,  P. Jankowski, E. Jolliffe (YRP), D. Lindeblom, B. Macgregor, P. May, R. Mohabeer, C. Raynor, R. Roy, V. Shuttleworth, K. Strueby, M.F. Turner

Table of Contents


York Regional Police

Conservation Authorities

York Telecom Network

York Region Rapid Transit Corporation


Opening Remarks from Regional Chairman


1. Regional Chair Emmerson made the following remarks:


“I would like to begin today’s meeting by acknowledging that York Region extends over lands originally used and occupied by Indigenous Peoples and, on behalf of York Region, I would like to thank First Nations and the Métis for sharing this land.

I would also like to acknowledge the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation as our closest First Nation community.”


Disclosures of Interest


2. 2018 Budget - York Regional Police


Mayor Quirk declared an interest in Clause 4 regarding “2018 Budget - York Regional Police” due to her husband being a retired York Regional Police officer and also currently working for York Regional Police on a part-time basis, and her step-son being a current York Regional Police officer. Mayor Quirk did not take part in the discussion of or vote on this item.

(See Clause 4)


Proposed 2018 Regional Budget


[Click on the title of the following Presentation to view it]


3. Introduction to Proposed 2018 Regional Budget


Bruce Macgregor, Chief Administrative Officer, provided an overview of the budgets being considered at the Committee of the Whole meeting.


[Click on the titles of the following Reports to view them and their associated Presentations]


4. 2018 Budget - York Regional Police [2.3 MB]


5. 2018 Budget - Conservation Authorities [5.8 MB]


6. 2018 Budget - York Telecom Network


7. 2018 Budget - York Region Rapid Transit Corporation [6.3 MB]


Other Business


8. York Region Achieves A- on Financial Presentations


The C.D. Howe Institute released its 2017 report card on the financial presentations of major Canadian municipalities. York Region’s rating improved to A- from B+ in 2016.


The Committee of the Whole meeting adjourned at 12:15 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

November 30, 2017                                 W. Emmerson
Newmarket, Ontario                               Regional Chair

C. Raynor
1-877-464-9675 x71300


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