Out of Province COVID-19 Immunization Records

Please complete this form if:

  • You are a York Region resident and received one or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine(s) outside of Ontario
  • Your proof of COVID-19 immunization from outside of Ontario is an official record that clearly states your first name, last name, the type of vaccine you received, the date the dose was administered, where the vaccine was administered, and a QR code if available

Before completing the form, please review the following:

  • Do not submit COVID-19 immunization receipts for doses received in Ontario
  • You will be required to attach a photo of your proof of vaccination as part of this form.  If you do not have this information, please contact the health care provider or organization who gave you the COVID-19 vaccine(s) to receive a copy of your immunization record
  • York Region Public Health will carefully review each submission and only valid proof of COVID-19 immunization records will be added to the provincial COVID-19 immunization repository COVaxON
  • Submissions for residents outside of York Region will not be entered into COVaxON.  For residents outside of York Region, please contact your local Public Health Unit 
  • York Region Public Health may contact you if your COVID-19 immunization record requires follow-up or clarification
  • For travel documentation, please visit ArriveCAN for more information on COVID-19 immunization records for travel purposes
I confirm that I am a resident of York Region submitting true and accurate information based on the requirements above.

If you are a resident outside of York Region, click here for identifying and contacting your local public health unit.

York Region Public Health is responsible for documentation of COVID-19 immunization information for its York Region residents who have been immunized outside of Ontario. This information will be added to the province’s electronic immunization records.