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Construction Design Guidelines and Standards

These design guidelines help consultants prepare tender packages for York Region. Tender packages prepared according to these guidelines will:

  • Identify potential conflicts before construction starts
  • Need fewer corrections before being approved
  • Be processed more quickly than packages that are not prepared according to these guidelines

Road Construction Design Guidelines and Standards

Last update: May 1, 2019 | Version 1.22 May 2019

Road Design Guidelines (112 MB zip file)
Download the file from the FTP site using the following login:

  • Username: RoadDesign
  • Password: Guidelines

How to use the zip file

  1. Download and save the zip file to your network server or your desktop
  2. Extract the zip file to an appropriate directory on your file server or a suitable desktop location
  3. Open the MS Word document named RDGLs Ver. 1.22 May 2019.docx

To provide feedback on the Road Design Guidelines documents, please e-mail

road construction design guidelines The Regional Municipality of York en-US

Water and Wastewater Consultant Resources

Consultant Requirements Manual Environmental Projects

The Consultant Requirements Manual includes information to enable project teams to successfully deliver capital environmental projects throughout the environmental assessment, preliminary design, detailed design, construction, commissioning and close-out phases.  All Requests for Proposals issued by the Environmental Services Capital Planning and Delivery Branch will require consultants to fulfill project delivery requirements in accordance with the Consultant Requirements Manual. 

Design Guidelines, Specifications and Standard Drawings — Environmental Projects

A design guideline is a recommended approach used for defining processes and design requirements.

Specifications are written descriptions of materials, services, and construction processes that dictate the performance and characteristics of the materials to be used, as well as the methodologies and quality of the work installations.

The standard detail engineering drawings that accompany specifications are a graphical depiction of the work to be done. They depict shape, dimensions, location, measurement of material and the relationship between building components.

Login Information

All documentation relating to the Consultant Requirements Manual including any associated forms and templates as well as design guidelines, specifications, and standard drawings is available for download via FTP.

Log on using the following credentials:

  1. Username: STANDARDS
  2. Password:  STANDARDS

The Conditions of Use must be read and accepted before accessing the FTP.

For assistance, or to provide feedback contact

Maps and Data for Capital Projects

  • YorkMaps
    • Browse and search interactive and ready-to-print maps as well as  publicly available data sets
      Self-Serve Data Depot
  • Consultants under contract to the Region can download project-related geographic data from a self-service catalogue
    • Consultants must register for an account before using the system by contacting the York Region Project Manager responsible for the affected project(s)
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Pedestrian and Cycling Planning and Design Guidelines

The York Region Pedestrian and Cycling Planning and Design Guidelines provides a concise and easy to use manual for planning and design of active transportation facilities. The guidelines are an update to the 2008 Planning and Design Guidelines developed as a part of the Pedestrian and Cycling Master Plan; however it includes updates on cycling facility types, emerging design treatments for intersections and better integration with other York Region planning and design initiatives. In particular, these guidelines directly support the work of York Region’s Great Streets context sensitive design manual and policy directions stemming from the recently updated Transportation Master Plan.

Developing high quality active transportation facilities in York Region presents a unique set of challenges including:

  • Variety of street typologies that often require transition zones as well as demand to accommodate goods movements as part of the regional mandate
  • Must be balanced with the desire for pedestrian oriented design specifically through elements such as turning radii, lane widths, etc.
  • Balancing urban design elements including a  desire for sustainable streets and streetscaping requirements with space for pedestrians and cyclists in regional/urban centres

School Sites Design Guidelines

To provide feedback on the School Sites Design Guidelines documents, please e-mail

School Sites Design Guidelines and Standards The Regional Municipality of York en-US


Construction,Design,Guidelines,Standards,Roads,Water,Wastewater,School The Regional Municipality of York en-US People reviewing construction plans around a table Construction Design Guidelines and Standards These design guidelines help consultants prepare tender packages for York Region. They help with designs for road and water and wastewater, as well as pedestrian and cycling infrastructure projects.

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