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York Region processes residential recycling and garbage for the nine local municipalities and manages waste depots where residents can drop off items for reuse, recycling or disposal. York Region does not collect recycling or garbage from your home or building. If you have questions about your garbage and recycling pickup, contact your local municipality.

A lot of your waste can be reused or recycled through curbside collection, community donation centres and waste depots. Use the Bindicator to find the best options for where it should go.

Compostable material like food scraps and paper products with food on them get put in the green bin. Your local municipality will pick up it up and deliver it to York Region for composting. Purchase composters.

Some special items like electronics, hazardous waste, scrap metal, cooking oil, tires, reusable Items and bale wrap and twine need to be dropped off at specific locations for processing.

Plan for managing York Region’s waste over the next 25 to 40 years.

These locations across York Region accept plastic bags for recycling through the Plastic Bag Take-Back program.

Recyclable material like cans, bottles and paper products go into the blue recycling bins. Your local municipality will pick up your recyclables and York Region will use them to make new products.

There are several waste depots across York Region where residents can drop off garbage, recycling, yard waste, electronics and other items for disposal.

Information about York Region’s Waste Education and Outreach Opportunities in Schools

Items that are not reusable, recyclable or compostable can be placed in your garbage for disposal or dropped off at a waste depot.

Yard Waste like branches and leaves can go in your backyard composter or be set out at the curb as yard waste or brought to a yard waste depot.

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