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What Happens to our Garbage?

Curbside collection is managed by the local municipalities and waste materials are delivered to York Region facilities for processing.

Items that are not reusable, recyclable or compostable can be placed in the garbage for disposal. Most garbage collected is sent to an energy-from-waste facility, including Durham York Energy Centre in Clarington, Emerald Energy in Brampton and Covanta Energy in New York State, to be converted into energy.

The Durham York Energy Centre is co-owned with the Regional Municipality of Durham. It can process up to 140,000 tonnes of non-hazardous, municipal garbage per year. The heat generated by the waste combustion is used to generate electricity and steam, and recyclable metals are recovered from the ash.

Landfill disposal options are still required for bulky items not suitable for energy recovery such as large pieces of furniture, broken exercise equipment or mattresses. Landfill contracts are in place with the City of Toronto Green Lane Landfill in St. Thomas and Walker South Landfill in Thorold.

Still don’t know where it goes?

Try the Bindicator – York Region’s online, easy-to-use waste directory.

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garbage,garbage pickup,landfill,Dongara,Durham York Energy Centre The Regional Municipality of York en-US What Happens to our Garbage? What Happens to our Garbage? Items that are not reusable, recyclable or compostable can be placed in your garbage for disposal or dropped off at a waste depot.

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