Pregnancy and Parenting Resources

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Attachment - Building Your Child's Emotional Health Positive early experiences help your child learn, think and grow into a healthy adult. You can have an active role in helping your child be more resilient.
Birth Control Options while Breastfeeding Information about birth control methods that do not affect breastmilk supply
Bottle Feeding A factsheet with information on how to bottle feed a baby.
Breast Pump Rental Locations Breast pump rental locations within York Region
Breastfeeding and Returning to Work or School Continued breastfeeding after returning to work or school is possible and can often be easily incorporated into a family’s daily routine.
Breastfeeding Multiples Breastfeeding twins, triplets or more is possible! Many mothers of multiples have breastfed their babies well into toddlerhood.
Circle of Support Support resources available to lessen the stresses of pregnancy and parenting
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale The EPDS is a screening tool to identify postpartum depression
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale Scoring Sheet For use by health care professionals with the EPDS test
How to Safely Feed Your Baby Extra Milk Occasionally breastfed babies may need to be given extra milk in addition to breastfeeding. This booklet provides information how ways to supplement your baby.